the interesting configuration state of unix programs
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The interesting configuration state of unix programs


mtbuild is a script for efficiently rendering Sweave (LaTeX) fragments, while shuffling R and LaTeX's numerous intermediary files under the rug in _build. It's designed to support this workflow:

host:~ $ mkdir topic
host:~ $ cd topic/
host:~/topic $ ls
host:~/topic $ echo "$a^2 + b^2 = c^2$\cite{pythagoras}" >
host:~/topic $ mtbuild --show-pdf=evince
host:~/topic $ ls
host:~/topic $ 

The above will render and display the fragment as a full latex document with a references section and my favorite formatting. The vimrc also provides a method to call mtbuild upon writing any .mt files to the disk, to ensure that the pdf on display corresponds to the file on disk:

host:~/topic $ ls
host:~/topic $ vi
host:~/topic $ ls
host:~/topic $ evince _build/notes.pdf

To install mtbuild, copy mtbuild/ to ~/.mtbuild/, populate ~/.mtbuild/refstyle.bst and ~/.mtbuild/index.bib with your favorite bibtex style and bibliography respectively (they can be symlinks), and copy bin/mtbuild somewhere in your PATH. It depends on LaTeX, R, Sweave, and cacheSweave, so make sure those are installed.


If git-find is in the path, commands of the form git find ... will behave as unix find ..., but ignoring any files listed in the .gitignore.


See in that section.


Mutt has a very featureful interface for autocompletion of email addresses and other things. We ignore all that.

In a brutal, simple solution, mutt-grep-maildir <maildir> <outfile> builds a list recipient addresses of any email within maildir and lists them to outfile. The muttrc fragment shows how to connect a list of email addresses stored in ~/.mutt/addressdb to mutt's Ctrl-t autocompletion feature. What fun!