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DeskLights is a network enabled visual alert system and an experiment in "Ambient Information". It receives instructions through a REST style API and controls the attached LED strips.

For background and hardware details, please see the more complete write up on Instructables:

What's New (July 2016)

I've updated the repo to reflect some changes I've made and things I've learned in several years fo regular use.

  • Included the command line utility "dl" that I use almost exclusively instead sending http requests to the desk.
  • Included a sample Perl script that parses Nagios' dat file and send displays status on the desk.
  • Added the "frame" command, which allows you to set all pixels of the desk in one http post request
  • Archived all the old Growl and AppleScript stuff that I really don't use anymore.
  • You can now use pass an image to the dl script and it will display it on the desk (after severely resizing, of course).

Previous Update (November 2013)

  • New "pixel" command, allowing for the setting of individual leds, including the ability to set a series of pixel colors without displaying them until after they are all set.
  • All web server related code is now handled by the Webduino library. This brings with it several nice features:
    • Proper URI params
    • Basic Authentication
    • More readable code file
  • Most functions have been refactored to accept standard parameters and be more flexible
  • Unfortunately, this caused all of the API urls to change and breaks backwards compatibility with any calling scripts you may have written. Sorry, but I think it's worth it.


Parameter Explanation

All exposed function calls take 0 or more single letter parameters:

r: red value (0 - 255)
g: green value (0 - 255)
b: blue value (0 - 255)
h: hex string representing color (000000 - ffffff)
x: x coordinate
y: y coordinate
d: delay in milliseconds
i: id of pattern/grid id of pixel (grid 0,0 = 0; grid 1,0 = 1, etc)
n: number of pixel on strip, starts at 0
s: call show() command automatically (0 or 1, defaults to 1)

Note: All color parameters can be specified as either RGB or hex

Public Functions

off : Turn off all pixels
show : show any set, but not yet shown pixels
color: set all pixels to color; takes color
wipe: like color, but down the strip; optional delay
alert: flash all pixels; takes color and optional delay
pixel: set pixel to color; takes id or number, color, and optional show
default: set default pattern to loop, takes pattern id
frame: set the whole desk at once, pass in string of hex colors ie: h=ffffff000000 etc...

These are not currently available. Seems I ran out of room in memory somewhere?

gridtest: show grid pixel by pixel, no params
lighttest: show rgb on all pixels, no params


Here's an example using alert...

Flash bright white for default length of time




or with a 1 second duration



Helper Script Install

The dl utility is written in Perl. It has fairly minimal dependencies for the basic functions, but will require the GD library and Image::Resize module if you want to use the image to desk functionality.