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= Moai SDK
= Version 1.3
= Revision 1
A special thanks to external contributors markusFisch, mirsadm, tommo, shanehyde, franciscotufro, and sgeos for their contributions to this latest release.
Coming up next for Moai SDK - support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 with Xcode 4.5.
Here are the highlights of the Moai 1.3 release.
Fixed network reachability initialization on iOS
Added MD5/SHA/Whirlpool Hash Writer to compute a hash of a stream as it writes
Fixed input bug with multiple presses in one 'Frame'
Added Crittercism crash reporting for lua stack traces, See samples/util/util-crash-report
Android - Fixed incorrect accelerometer data on tablets
Android - Added C-Ares ( Fixes DNS lookup blocking on HTTP calls )
Android -Added MOAILocationSensor
Android - Added MOAICompassSensor
Android - Fixed status bar issues with 3.1 tablets
iOS - Updated Facebook SDK
iOS - Updated Crittercism SDK
MOAIApp - Added getUTCTime to Mobile
MOAILayer - Fixed bugs where MOAILayer:setVisible had no effect
MOAIHttpTask - Added 'getProgress' function to HTTPTask for Curl
MOAIJsonParser - Fix for issue with 64bit ints
MOAIFmodEx fixes for 'setLooping'
= Moai SDK
= Version 1.2
= Revision 2
A few important bug fixes going out in this update. We locked the host
on iOS to portrait mode by default, and added a way to grab a frame
buffer into a MOAIImage in MOAIRenderMgr.
- Apsalar - updated Apsalar lua module to match current API
- Documentation - updated for MOAIBillingIOS and FacebookIOS
- Samples - the files have returned
- iOS - by default will be locked to portrait mode, check to change to landscape or to unlock all orientations
- iOS - fixed a bug where objects would be displayed incorrectly on start-up
- OSX - fixed an issue where the moai executable in the bin folder was appearing as a document and not executable
- MOAIRenderMgr - added a method to screenshot the next frame and save to a MOAIImage, see samples/image/image-framebuffer-grab
- MOAIEnvironment - screenWidth/screenHeight renamed to horizontal/verticalResolution
- MOAIDataBufferStream - fixed a crash on an open without a close
- MOAIFont - fixed a bug with kerning, some letters would be displayed too close
= Moai SDK
= Version 1.2
= Revision 1
This release has many bug fixes across the board. Thanks to everyone
who reported bugs to us to get them fixed. Some new features of note
include MOAIStream, as well as the setWordBreak () function in MOAITextBox
that provides support for foreign languages.
- Several bug fixes
- Tutorial samples added in samples/tutorials
- iOS - lag in input fixed
- MOAIBillingIOS - added localizedPrice ()
- MOAIDialogIOS - fixed buttons so they are now optional
- GlutHost - send modifier key events (alt/ctrl/shift) to AKU/MOAIKeyboardSensor
- HTTPTaskBase - added default 15 second timeout
- MOAIAnimCurveQuat - added to represent rotations
- MOAIAnimCurveVec3D - renamed to MOAIAnimCurveVec
- MOAIGfxDevice - first pass of auto-rotate support via EVENT_RESIZE listener
- MOAIGrid - added binary read/write for tiles buffer
- MOAIPartition - added getWorldBounds ()
- MOAISim - added getHistogram ()
- MOAIStream - first pass of Moai stream interface
- MOAITextBox - added setWordBreak () to better support text in other languages
- MOAITimer - restored keyframe callbacks and added loop callbacks
= Moai SDK
= Version 1.1
= Revision 1
Many, many bug fixes and minor improvements. Contributions from Double Fine
and Harebrained Schemes. Support for Glyph Designer (BMFont) and Particle
Designer (PEX). See commit log for details.
Changes of note:
- MOAIEnvironment - added support for desktop platform info
- iOS Sample Host - removed .xib files
- iOS - added c-ares for async DNS; tweaked to work on iOS
- iOS - added openUDID
- MOAIFont - support for BMFont format
- MOAIParticlePlugin - refactor of plugin system and support for PEX format
- MOAIProp - Removed 'stretch to frame' functionality
- MOAIProp - Removed setFrame (); use setBounds () instead
- MOAIProp - added getDims ()
- MOAIProp - first pass implementation of billboarding (proof of concept)
- MOAILayer - added ISO_SORT sort mode
- MOAIAction - added pause ()
- MOAIDraw, MOAIAnimCurve - added drawAnimCurve () for previewing/debugging anim curves
- MOAIGfxQuad2D - now possible to set non-rectangular screen and UV quad
- MOAIBox2DWorld - added flag to toggle debug drawing
- MOAIBox2DBody - added 'angle' param to addRect ()
- MOAIBox2DBody - added addChain ()
- MOAIUntzSound - added getLength ()
- MOAIScissorRect - first pass implementation of scissor rect (proof of concept)
- Crittercism - exposed breadcrumbs API
- Quad and tile decks - added transform () and transformUV () methods
- MOAIBoundsDeck - new deck type to override/remap item bounds in other decks
- MOAIFoo, MOAIFooMgr - C++ Lua binding example classes
= Moai SDK
= Version 1.0
= Revision 3
Most of the improvements this revision were from our contributors, so...
A *big* thanks to AJ, Byron, Chris, Evgeni, Joar, Nathan, Odie, Rodrigo, Thomas, Tommo (did I miss anyone?)
And a big thanks to the companies using Moai (you know who you are) for sharing your feedback improvements
Thanks to all our past contributors as well
And a big thank you to all the awesome devs in general who use and support Moai!
- MOAIBox2DFixture - Added getFilterData method
- MOAIBox2DWorld - Fixed Moai unit scalar to be applied more consistently across API
- MOAIBox2DWorld - fixed bug where addRopeJoint was ignoring anchor point parameters
- MOAIFileSystem - '.' and '..' now omitted from directory iteration
- MOAIHttpTask - added getResponseCode ()
- MOAINode, MOAINodeMgr - bug fixes and optimizations - skip attribute pull if no effect
- MOAIEnvironment - added field for device DPI (not fully supported across all hosts yet)
- MOAIDraw - API additions for drawing arrays
- MOAILayer - fixed Z-axis sort
- MOAIGfxDevice - now skipping glEnable and glDisable texture calls under OpenGL ES 2
- MOAIGfxDevice - improved CPU vertex matrix caching (CPU transofmation pipeline only)
- MOAIShader - more log output (via MOAILog)
- MOAIShader - *Huge* OpenGL 2 fill rate performance improvement by adjusting precision of 'varying' attributes
- MOAISim - fix to time step when using update multiplier
- MOAIThread - now returns update step value from coroutine.yield ()
- MOAIKeyboardIOS - *preliminary* implementation - this is a WIP!
- MOAIAdColonyAndroid - updated AdColony library (requires fewer permissions)
- ParticleHelper - support for new particle script commands
- Untz - optimizations to autio mixing (fewer memory read/writes)
- IOS - Facebook and reference counting stability improvements
- JSFL (flash export) - Fix to GfxQuadDeck2D exporter
- zipfs, MOAIFileSystem - many small fixes and improvments
- luasocket - Now should load correctly on startup
- First pass integration of dynamic file reevaluator on Windows and OSX (OSX temporarily disabled by default)
= Moai SDK
= Version 1.0
= Revision 2
- Added doxygen fields for all Lua-bound classes
- MOAIPartition - changed 'Layer' to 'Level' to avoid confusion
- MOAILuaObjectModel - improved extension method; fixed missing upvalue bug in _extendSingleton ()
- MOAITextBox - fixed bug in 'more' flag (was breaking paging demo)
- MOAITextBox - added setGlyphScale () to stretch or shrink glyphs when laying out and rendering text
- MOAITextBox - fixed cleanup (had introduced leak in last release to avoid crash; now cleans up safely)
- MOAITextStyle - added setScale () to stretch or shrink glyphs without chaing glyph set
- MOAITextStyle - added getters to match setters
- MOAIImageTexture - fixed invalidate () to work with new gfx resource lifecycle
- MOAIFrameBuffer - fixed bug in gfx resource lifecycle implementation (was breaking framebuffer demo)
- MOAIEaseDriver - fixed bug in 'chase' mode (ease driver links to source attributes)
- MOAIEnvironment - implemented event listener using MOAIGlobalEventSource superclass
- Fixed anim driver sample to properly demonstrate use of APPEND and CONTINUE
- Update to ParticleHelper to support atan2rot (thank you, Tommo!)
= Moai SDK
= Version 1.0
= Revision 1
- Complete rework of font and textbox systems to allow for dynamic glyph management, multi-texture fonts and text styles
- Merge with 3D branch and update to 3D rendering pipeline and coordinate system
- Addition of backwards compatibility lua wrapper (continued support for MOAIProp2D, MOAILayer2D, etc.)
- Refactor of MOAIApp into platform specific interfaces
- Addition of software synth to Untz (thank you, Kengo!)
- MOAIHttpTask - improved API
- MOAIEaseDriver - now inherits from MOAITimer; supports looping
- MOAIAnimCurve - now supports wrapping modes
- MOAITimer - additional looping modes (CONTINUE and CONTINUE_REVERSE)
- MOAIParticleScript - additional trig commands
- MOAIRenderMgr, MOAIRenderable - higher level base class for rendering; now uses lua table as render stack
- Switched to ooid library for cross-platform guid generation
- Crittercism integrated with iOS and Android
- Facebook integrated with iOS and Android
- Ad Colony integrated with iOS and Android
- Android - support for push (Google C2DM)
- Android - all third-party components are now optional
- Android - remove package name restriction in precompiled
- Support for multi-texturing
- Many additional platform, SDK and host fixes/improvements
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.95 Beta
= Revision 3
- Added method chaining on MOAIActions (thanks, Pygy!)
- Fixed a bug in ZipFS affecting un-zipaligned APKs (and therefore, debugging in Eclipse)
- Fixed build warnings in Xcode
- Allow Android builds to target armeabi, armeabi-v7a (default) or both
- Rename 'android' top-level source directory to 'ant' for consistency with other SDK organization
- Rename 'nacl' top-level source directory to 'scons' for consistency with other SDK organization
- Rename 'android' sample host directory to 'ant' for consistency with other SDK organization
- Rename 'nacl' sample host directory to 'chrome' for consistency with other SDK organization
- Rename 'xcode-ios' sample host directory to 'xcode/ios' for consistency with other SDK organization
- Rename 'xcode-osx' sample host directory to 'xcode/osx' for consistency with other SDK organization
- Reorganize the 'scons' top-level source directory to more closely match other build organizations
- Added 'sdk-setup' scripts to 'ant' (Android) and 'chrome' (Native Client) sample hosts to copy necessary resources
- A handful of documentation fixes (thanks again, Pygy!)
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.95 Beta
= Revision 1
- Added luafilesystem to luaext; enabled in glut host
- Added moaigui to samples/contrib folder
- Added proof-of-concept implementation of Moai class extension model (extend () method)
- Added attributes for box2D objects; can now be linked and animated (thank you, Byron!)
- Many fixes to MOAIBox2DWheel joint binding and coordinate converstions (thank you, Thomas!)
- Updated sample for TexturePacker (thanks, Paul!)
- Added blocking (synchronous) option for MOAIHttpTask
- Fixed cycle handling in dep graph update
- Fixed crash bug in propListForPoint
- Fixed gl-vertexBuffer sample to work with default mesh shader
- Moved Moai http and data IO event handler to top of sim loop (callbacks now execute *before* action manager update)
- Moved uslsext into uslscore; got rid of some unused source files
- MOAIProp2D - Added expandForSort flag to enable axis sorting of individual map tiles
- MOAILayer2D - Added additional sort modes
- MOAIThread - renamed to MOAICoroutine (left alias in place for back compat)
- MOAIImage - fixed detection of JPEG images (thanks, Joshua!)
- MOAIShader - added UNIFORM_PEN_COLOR (bind global pen color to shader)
- MOAIMesh - added default shader
- MOAIGrid - support for 'fancy' tile shapes (hex, diamond, oblique)
- MOAITextBox - added flag to reverse LTR order of characters
- MOAIPathFinder - proof-of-concept implementation of A* pathfinding
- MOAIWheelSensor - wheel input sensor
- zipfs - fixed crashes on entry reading and seek
- Android - host mounts APK as vfs (no more unpacking to SD card)
- Android - imroved handling of back button
- Android - min SDK is now API level-8 (Froyo, 2.2)
- Android - allow project name to differ from app name
- Android - expose proper app name through MOAIEnvironment
- Android - improved multi-touch performance and input stability
- Android - added keystore and alias password support
- Android - added simple support for sharing
- Android - added openURL to host
- Untz - many fixes and improvements (all platforms)
- iOS - added an AKU call for rotation event
- Tapjoy - updated to 8.1.5
- Native Client - added a sample host
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.9 Beta
= Revision 8
- Add Lua callbacks to determine the success or failure of a Tweet (iPhone)
- Add Lua callbacks for connectivity change notifications
- Add a Lua callback to trap 'back' button presses (Android)
- Add Lua methods for simple AlertDialog creation and response (Android)
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.9 Beta
= Revision 7
- MOAITextBox - exposed set line spacing
- MOAIApp - exposed basic Twitter API
- MOAILayer2D - added user configurable sort
- MOAITexture - CPU based mipmap generation (previously using OpenGL's)
- MOAITexture - changed default wrap mode to GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE
- MOAIImage - fixed USColor alpha-only color conversion bug
- USMemStream - fixed crash bug (crash when writing 0 bytes)
- MOAIGfxDevice - moved setClearColor, setClearDepth from MOAISim
- MOAIGfxDevice - can set MOAIColor as clear color
- MOAIColor - added additive color inheritance attribute
- MOAIPartitionCell - gather props for point now checks local bounds as well as global
- MOAIXmlParser - fixed crash on file open
- MOAIWebView - improved alignment
- MOAISim - added 'long delay' flag and threshold for automatically handling long loads; etc.
- untz - lowered streaming buffer size for better memory performance
- untz - improved memoty use; release temporary buffers used during audio decoding
- Google In-App Billing support exposed in Lua (Android) - see samples/android/app-billing
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.9 Beta
= Revision 1
- MOAIFont loadFromTTF - dpi param now optional
- MOAIFont loadFromTTF - now also loads OTF (it's a secret!)
- MOAIFont, MOAITextBox - exposed additional metrics
- MOAIFont - fixed serialization bugs (uninitialized values)
- Box2D - converted sleep constants to world members
- Box2D - exposed contact normal through arbiter
- Box2D - Update to Box2D 2.2.1 and new features (thank you, Byron Wright!)
- MOAICameraFitter2D - Improved functionality; added fitting modes
- MOAIImage - Added resize, copyRect (with scaling and filtering)
- MOAIJsonParser - Fixed encode bug (nested arrays exported improperly)
- MOAILayerBridge2D - Updated/fixed and added an example
- MOAIShader - Improved uniform binding (now uses attribute system)
- MOAIEaseDriver - Improved to allow targeted attributes (i.e. chasing)
- MOAISerializer - Support for custom fields on Lua objects
- MOAITransform - Added pivot point
- Overhaul of traits system (trait inheritance now handled by attributes system)
- Integration with TLSF memory manager (via zipfs)
- Improved substitution model for stdio, stlib via header injection (all libraries)
- Reverted to 'pristine' Lua-5.1.3 (modifications no longer due to header injection)
- Code organization, refactor: moved all Lua binding, contexts, lifecycle code into moaicore
- Added Tapjoy SDK, binaries and video support (ios)
- Improved Android build and host
- Added Lua contributions from community (cpRect, ParticleHelper - thanks to Andrew Scott and Tommo Zhou!)
- Lots of little bug fixes and API tweaks; integrated bug fixes from community
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.8 Beta
= Revision 4
- Improved error/warning reporting from MOAITexture
- Added debug name for textures generated by font ripper
- Improved MOAILog output string format (Android)
- Workaround for OpenGL context unavailable in time thread bug (Android)
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.8 Beta
= Revision 1
- Improvements to Apsalar Lua implementation
- Exposed MOAITextBox setSpeed ()
- moaiext-debugger project (vs2008, vs2010) for Lua debug harness
- Untz looping bug fixed
- Untz now supports shared audio data (multpile sounds using same source)
- Settings for MOAISim to skip frames after long loads
- Settings for MOAISim to throttle sim update steps
- Options for tracking Moai object allocations (via histogram)
- Fixes to Lua binding system (prevent circular references and premature GC)
- Updated Xcode projects to build under Xcode 4.2 and iOS SDK 5.0
- Modified traits system to allow multiple traits sources
- Added _tostring metamethod on USLuaObject userdata
- Improved Box2D binding - mouse joint, better errors and warnings
- Fixed bugs around destruction of Box2D objects during collision handler
- Additional tests for memory leaks and cirular references
- Fixed Moai's tailored (zipfs) build of luac
- Improved Xcode compiler settings
- Updated Xcode SDK build to build device specific versions of libmoai
- Improved MOAICameraFitter2D algorithm
- Expanded GameCenter binding to include acheivements
- Fixed default font shader (bug causing fringe around glyphs)
- Added binding for IJG libjpeg
- Added Tapjoy SDK and support for video offers (iOS)
- Improvents to attribute system implementation
- Improvements to MOAIWebView (iOS)
- Added event for app opening from registered URL (iOS)
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.7 Beta
= Revision 1
- Implemented release/renew cycle for OpenGL resources to handle lost context scenario
- Replaced physfs with custom vfs (zipfs)
- Patched Lua 5.1.3 file io to use stdio 'lookalike' functions from zipfs
- Partial implementation of vfscanf via zipfs_vfscanf
- Fixed viewport layers transform bug for offscreen buffers
- Fixed MOAICameraFitter to properly recognize world space bounds
- Added moai-untz target to osx sample host
- Added basic Game Center support (leaderboards)
- Added toolbar to MOAIWebView (ios)
- Fixed MOAIWebView to appear correctly in both portrait and landscape modes (ios)
- Extended Box2D wrapper to better expose joints API
- Added resize event to MOAIGfxDevice
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.6 Beta
= Revision 2
- Integration of code contributions from Harebrained Schemes (Crimson dev team). Thanks!
- Harebrained - Memory tracking and diagnostics for Lua and texture use
- Harebrained - Additions/completions of Box2D API
- Harebrained - Additions/completions to iOS in-app purchase API
- Harebrained - Lua object dump/leak detection
- Harebrained - MOAISim update loop configuration for variable step ‘boost’ mode
- Untz - EOF bugs fixed
- Untz - moveVolume, seekVolume, ATTR_VOLUME added to MOAIUntzSound
- Fixed MOAIAction stop bug (removal during action tree update, found by Benny Chen)
- Fixed buffer overflow bug in MOAIPartitionResultBuffer
- Rewrote and improved MOAISim update loop; added update loop configuration API
- Updated the Flash jsfl exporter samples to use shared settings file
- Fixed Flash jsfl exporters to work with non-centered registration points
- Added support for immediate mode drawing via MOAIDraw and MOAIScriptDeck
- Added finalization event to MOAISim
- Android host - Added log message if SD card cannot be written to
- Improved logging model; inclusion of default log messages
- Improved lifecycle management of context objects (USGlobals, USGlobalsMgr)
- Restored Box2D physics demo (in samples/basics folder)
- Added getDistance method to MOAICameraFitter
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.5 Beta
= Revision 1
- Serialization support for MOAIFont
- Ability to get/set MOAIFont image or texture
- First pass of OpenGL programmable pipeline integration
- Refactor of uslsext graphics objects into moaicore
- First pass of PhysFS integration
- Updated MOAIVertexFormat to support programmable pipeline
- Fixed GLUT bug causing processor over-use when in the background
- Added support for offscreen rendering (MOAIFrameBuffer)
- Added support for interlaced PNGs
- Fixed seek() and move() helper functions when used with a duration of 0
- Added particle presets demo to iOS sample
- Modified iOS sample host to create GLES 2 context with a fallback to GLES 1.1
- Improvements to untz (streaming sounds, fixes on all supported platforms)
- Updated Flash jsfl export commants to handle offset registration points
- Removed upper limit on props per layer
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.4 Beta
= Revision 12
- Included Moai Project Setup document which, among other things, describes how to set up your Moai IDE projects.
- Changed the iOS host packaging script. It no longer rsync's edits to files. Also, support for multiple target folders added.
- Integrated Thorbjørn's contributed 64-bit compatbility changes.
- Various improvments to SDK packaging scripts.
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.4 Beta
= Revision 11
- Inclusion of Tapjoy and Apsalar lua modules
- Misc. bug fixes
= Moai SDK
= Version 0.4 Beta
= Revision 10
- Fixed iPhone touch input coordinates on retina display devices
- Added new log message type for unsupported 'new'; removed 'new' from MOAIInputDevice and all MOAISensor classes
- Fixed bug in particle processing causing physics to be skipped if no forces attached to state
- Fixed MOAITexture filter documentation
- Fixed MOAIProp2D partition membership trait inheritance bug (removal from partition failed to affect children)
- Cleaned some more cruft out of MOAISim
- Updated Lua binding code; added getClass, getClassName to Lua bound objects
- Added first pass of Tapjoy Lua SDK and examples
- Renamed MOAILevelSensor to MOAIMotionSensor
- Exposed MOAIActionMgr to Lua; added getRoot () and setLoc () to MOAIActionMgr
- Renamed 'user' pointer to 'userdata' in Aku
- Deprecated userdata param on AKUCreateContext (now must set with AKUSetUserdata)
- Code improvements and formatting in iPhone MoaiSample app
- Fixed internal lua ref bug (inconsistent behavior in projects with tens of thousands of refs) and added asserts
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