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FastPdfKit Extensions

In this repository you'll find every official Extension for FastPdfKit.

The complete documentation for FPKExtensions is available here, the one for FastPdfKit is available here.

Xcode docset are also available: there are feeds for FPKExtensions and FastPdfKit.

Visit to learn more about FastPdfKit.

Key Concept

You can place any custom view over a pdf page just using standard pdf hyperlinks and FastPdfKit.

Extensions are designed to easily create the custom views.

Available Extensions

FPK as name prefix identifies an official extension

  • FPKPayPal to create catalogs with items that can be purchased directly from the app;
  • FPKYouTube to place YouTube video on the page.
  • FPKGallerySlide interactive image gallery with manual or automatic advancement;
  • FPKMap to render an interactive google map;
  • FPKGalleryFade image gallery useful for the table of contents;
  • FPKGalleryTap to create a multi interactive image gallery;
  • FPKMessage to show details or alerts;
  • FPKWebPopup to open a web page in a popup view;

FPKShared contains some shared classes needed for every official Extension. Probably you'll find useful classes.

Common contains some third party shared classes.

Out of the box overlays

FastPdfKit supports some overlays out of the box like videos, sounds and web pages. If you like the way they works you can use them, otherwise you're free to develop your own solutions.

Remote is something on the web.

Local is something that resides in the resourceFolder defined in the MFDocumentManager.

Overlay Moviefpkv://fpky://
Modal Moviefpke://fpkz://
Overlay HTMLfpkh://fpkw://
Modal HTMLfpki://http://
Overlay Audiofpka://fpkb://

What is an Extension?

FastPdfKit is starting to be largely used for pdf documents, but many developers asked us to give them an easy way to interact with the pdf pages and in particular add overlay views on the document.

Overlay views can be useful for magazines, newspapers, catalogs, textbooks, reports and many other implementations. But any publisher needs an easy way to customize the content of the overlays and create new ones to fulfill his needs. So we created the Extension concept and the classes behind it.

Extensions are designed to add custom overlay views over a pdf page, but you can also add any other feature to enhance FastPdfKit.

Extension are working out of the box with PDF hyperlinks. Any pdf viewer like Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader can add hyperlinks on existing pdf documents. Also any PDF authoring tool like Adobe InDesign and Apple Pages can add them.

The key concept is that you define a custom url and if FastPdfKit finds a link of that kind in the pdf page, automatically creates an instance of the Extension and places the UIView over the page.

A world of opportunities is now open.

Sample Project

Open the SampleProject folder and you'll find the Sample Xcode Project.

Just launch it for Simulator or Device and you'll get a sample pdf (the original InDesign document is also included) with and example of every official annotation and the relative url.


Each Extension is packed in its own framework. The framework is a fake framework created with the amazing iOS-Universal-Framework by Karl Stenerud.

We've chosen this approach to maintain separated the classes, images and xibs of each Extension and let you choose which one add to your app, just dragging the corresponding framework.

Activate an Extensions

To use the Extension in a project that uses FastPdfKit, just drag the .embeddedframework folder in the Xcode Navigation Bar.

Then #import the <ExtensionName/ExtensionName.h> in your MFOverlayDataSource subclass.

Add the ExtensionName as string to the extensions array.

The standard extensions array should contain every supported Extension like

NSArray *extensions = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"FPKYouTube",

Support Extensions in your FastPdfKit application

To add an Extension to your application you need create a subclass of FPKOverlayManager, just like OverlayManager in the sample project.

Add the FPKShared.embeddedframework to the Navigation bar. Then simply drag the desired Extension .embeddedframework folder to the Navigation bar, for example the FPKYouTube.embeddedframework.

In the FPKOverlayManager subclass #import the framework.

#import <FPKYouTube/FPKYouTube.h>

And add the Extension name as NSString to the Extensions array like @"FPKYouTube" in the custom init method.

- (FPKOverlayManager *)init
	self = [super init];
	if (self != nil)
		[self setExtensions:[[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:@"FPKMap", @"FPKYouTube", nil]];
	return self;

Create an Extension

To create an Extension you can create a copy of the FPKSampleExtension folder and open it with Xcode.

  • Rename the target and the project with a descriptive name.

  • Add your objects to the projects, classes, xibs and images. Please name the images and the xib document with a prefix, so they doesn't conflict with other extension ones. You can even pack the xibs and images in a bundle.

  • Add every document to the framework target and build for iOS Device.

  • You need to set as public just the headers that you need to access from the external project.

  • A new folder called ExtensionName.embeddedframework will appear in the project root.

  • If you need to use the same classes for many Extensions you should add them in a separate Framework. For ours we use the FPKShared.

  • For code not developed by us, we've created the Common framework to help you get the latest code an avoid conflicts.


If you need or want suggest an Extension you can create a new Feature Request.

There's also the support website where you can find the Knowledge Base and some Discussions.

If you've developed an Extension and want to share it with the community, please send a pull request on github.

If you are using FastPdfKit let us know, we will be happy to list your app!

In development Extensions

  • FPKConfig
  • FPKGlobalConfig
  • FPKTextSelection
  • FPKiCarouselPopup
  • FPKImagePopup
  • FPKVideoPopup
  • FPKEmail
  • FPKiMessage
  • FPKShareKit
  • FPKScreenshot
  • FPKGalleryVertical