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A library for capturing your DOM.

npm version

How to use

Right now, there are no instructions on how to use capture.js standalone. Please go to for information on how to use capturing.

How to create and ship a change

First, install the dependancies:

npm install
bower install

Then, run the following command to watch and build the capture.js file as you develop:

grunt serve

Make sure you've got mobifyjs-utils installed!

Then, do the following to ship the change:

  • Make your code changes and create a pull-request
  • Ensure the tests still work (grunt test and grunt saucelabs)
  • Get your change reviewed and 👍'ed


  • Add instructions on how to use capture.js stand-alone (currently capture.js is something that is integrated into mobify.js)

Where to get help

Talk to @jansepar