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Meowbify is a Node.js super-webscale kitten-powered Coffeescript-infused evented based streaming cat injecting proxy.

Think CloudFlare, but with Cats.

Check it out live

Meowbifiwhat is it?

This proxy is designed to insert tags, and also rewrite links, headers, cookies, etc so it appears to transparently work as a man in the middle.

It also inserts Cats, courtesy of The Cat API.

The proxy is designed to run on a wildcard domain *.SUFFIX_DOMAIN, and everything are rewritten to match that domain.

To support HTTP and HTTPS sites, we use a prefix usually cat.* or cats.*.

It currently only support origin sites running on ports :80 and :443.


These can be set by environment variables:

PORT : Port proxy listens on Default: 5000

EXTERNAL_PORT : Port proxy appears to be listening on (eg, the front-end server) Default: 80

SUFFIX_DOMAIN : Domain that is appended when rewritting links Default: 'meowbify.com'

PREFIX_SUBDOMAIN : The subdomain that is prefix to mark http and https sites. Default: "cat" (which means cat.* == http, cats.* == https).

LOG_FORMAT : Connect Middleware style log format Default: ':method :status :response-time \t:req[Host]:url :user-agent'

CDN Notes

static/6de724117464.css is deployed to s3://cdn.mobify.net/meowbify/asset/

Special Thanks

The Mobify Team:

  • @fractaltheory who christened it "Meowbify"
  • @kpeatt who butchered^Hbeautifully altered Mobify's logo in to a Cat
  • @shawnjan8 who squatted the domain
  • @rrjamie who wasted several afternoons of time to write it
  • @mobify whose time and money @rrjamie was wasting

Also thanks to @AdenForshaw, who built the CatAPI.