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Automated Deployment for MobileInsight Development Environment


This repo contains a Vagrantfile for automated deployment for MobileInsight development. It configures a Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine contains MobileInsight repos using Vagrant and VirtualBox. It installs mobileinsight-core, mobileinsight-mobile and python-for-android on the VM, so that you can login and perform offline analysis of cellular traces, and compile the mobile version of MobileInsight.


Download this repo and put it the Vagrantfile under your development path, say /path/to/dev. Run vagrant up and install the virtual image (depending on the network and CPU speed, the installation may take half hour or longer.).

git clone /path/to/dev
cd /path/to/dev
vagrant up

It will run and compile a MobileInsight apk, and run an offline MobileInsight analysis example at the end (you should be able to see the decoded messages).

When the process finish install and returns the shell, a MobileInsight app is already compiled and copied to your path (/path/to/dev). You can install it on supported Android phone and try it out immediately using adb.

adb install MobileInsight-5.0.0-debug.apk

You can stop the virtual machine using either command:

vagrant suspend (suspends the machine)
vagrant halt (stops the vagrant machine)

Customize MobileInsight

To log into the virtual machine, use the following command

vagrant up (if the VM has been stopped)
vagrant ssh

All MobileInsight related repos are under /home/vagrant/mi-dev folder, which you can access by

cd mi-dev

The /vagrant folder in VM is a special folder. It is the synced folder between the VM and your host machine, see more details here.

Modify mobileinsight-core codes

When you modify the mobileinsight-core codes, you can locally debug it without commiting to GitHub.

First, apply the local debug patch to python-for-android and reinstall:

cd ~/mi-dev
patch -p1 < p4a.patch
cd python-for-android
sudo python install

Next, modify mobileinsight-core codes as needed, and then reinstall:

cd ~/mi-dev/mobileinsight-core

Modify mobileinsight-mobile codes

If you wish to add your own plugin and compile it into the MobileInsight apk, you may put your plugin folder under the mobileinsight-mobile/app/plugins/ folder. For details on how to write the plugin, please refer to the tutorial on the MobileInsight website.

To compile a new apk, run make command again:

make apk_debug

If you wish to incorporate the changes from the mobileinsight-core codes as well, you need to clean and recompile the distribution first:

make clean_dist
make dist

How to Contribute

We love pull requests and discussing novel ideas. You can open issues here to report bugs. Feel free to improve MobileInsight and become a collaborator if you are interested.

The following Slack group is used exclusively for discussions about developing the MobileInsight and its sister projects:

For other advanced topics, please refer to the wiki and the MobileInsight website.