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This is a fork of the main Raphael branch that builds a complete standalone charting package, by including raphael along with all the standard g.raphael includes
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How to build gRaphaël

In the main directory, type:


To start over and remove all the distribution files, use:

make clean

What is created

4 versions of g.raphael are built

  1. Unmodifed original source version. Located in the dist/src directory
  2. Minified source versions. Located in the dist/min directory
  3. An all-in-one. Which includes all chart types and the base raphael file Located at dist/g.raphael.standalone.js
  4. A Minified all-in-one, including all files and minified. Located at dist/g.raphael.standalone.min.js

HTML Documentation

In addition html documentation is created using kennyshen's g.raphael fork and the adc-markdown-theme from drewyeaton Located at dist/docs

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