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%% @doc Integer counter based on an ordered list of counter events.
%% A counter is stored as an orddict of counter events. Each counter
%% event has a unique key based on the timestamp and some entropy, and it
%% stores the delta from the inc operation. The value of a counter is the
%% sum of all these deltas.
%% As an optimization, counter events older than a given age are coalesced
%% to a single counter event with a key in the form of
%% <code>{timestamp(), 'acc'}</code>.
-export([value/1, merge/1, accumulate/2, inc/3]).
-export([f_inc_acc/2, f_inc_acc/3, op_inc_acc/4]).
-type op() :: statebox:op().
-type timestamp() :: statebox_clock:timestamp().
-type timedelta() :: statebox:timedelta().
-type counter_id() :: statebox_identity:entropy() | acc.
-type counter_key() :: {timestamp(), counter_id()}.
-type counter_op() :: {counter_key(), integer()}.
-type counter() :: [counter_op()].
%% @doc Return the value of the counter (the sum of all counter event deltas).
-spec value(counter()) -> integer().
value([]) ->
value([{_Key, Value} | Rest]) ->
Value + value(Rest).
%% @doc Merge the given list of counters and return a new counter
%% with the union of that history.
-spec merge([counter()]) -> counter().
merge([Counter]) ->
merge(Counters) ->
%% @doc Accumulate all counter events older than <code>Timestamp</code> to
%% the key <code>{Timestamp, acc}</code>. If there is already an
%% <code>acc</code> at or before <code>Timestamp</code> this is a no-op.
-spec accumulate(timestamp(), counter()) -> counter().
accumulate(Timestamp, Counter=[{{T0, acc}, _} | _]) when Timestamp =< T0 ->
accumulate(Timestamp, Counter) ->
accumulate(Timestamp, Counter, 0).
%% @doc Return a new counter with the given counter event. If there is
%% an <code>acc</code> at or before the timestamp of the given key then
%% this is a no-op.
-spec inc(counter_key(), integer(), counter()) -> counter().
inc({T1, _Id1}, _Value, Counter=[{{T0, acc}, _} | _Rest]) when T1 =< T0 ->
inc(Key, Value, Counter) ->
orddict:store(Key, Value, Counter).
%% @equiv f_inc_acc(Value, Age, {statebox_clock:timestamp(),
%% statebox_identity:entropy()})
-spec f_inc_acc(integer(), timedelta()) -> op().
f_inc_acc(Value, Age) ->
Key = {statebox_clock:timestamp(), statebox_identity:entropy()},
f_inc_acc(Value, Age, Key).
%% @doc Return a statebox event to increment and accumulate the counter.
%% <code>Value</code> is the delta,
%% <code>Age</code> is the maximum age of counter events in milliseconds
%% (this should be longer than the amount of time you expect your cluster to
%% reach a consistent state),
%% <code>Key</code> is the counter event key.
-spec f_inc_acc(integer(), timedelta(), counter_key()) -> op().
f_inc_acc(Value, Age, Key={Timestamp, _Id}) ->
{fun ?MODULE:op_inc_acc/4, [Timestamp - Age, Key, Value]}.
%% @private
op_inc_acc(Timestamp, Key, Value, Counter) ->
accumulate(Timestamp, inc(Key, Value, Counter)).
%% Internal API
merge_prune(Counters) ->
%% Merge of all of the counters and prune all entries older than the
%% newest {_, acc}.
prune(All) ->
prune(All, All).
prune(Here=[{{_Ts, acc}, _V} | Rest], _Last) ->
prune(Rest, Here);
prune([_ | Rest], Last) ->
prune(Rest, Last);
prune([], Last) ->
accumulate(Timestamp, [{{T1, _Id}, Value} | Rest], Sum) when T1 =< Timestamp ->
%% Roll up old counter events
accumulate(Timestamp, Rest, Value + Sum);
accumulate(Timestamp, Counter, Sum) ->
%% Return the new counter
inc({Timestamp, acc}, Sum, Counter).