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New Interactive Control Script for FS19


  • simpleIC_implementBalls.lua:207: attempt to index field 'vehicle' fixed (at least I hope that did the trick, I assume this error comes from synch issues not actual bug in script)
  • code cleanup ptoControl
  • addition of implementControl though not fully implemented yet (thus no example in examples.xml yet)
  • addition of disableInvisibleTriggers attribute if you want to disable triggerPoints via visibility. Was on by default in previous versions since implementation. But when people converted old IC to simpleIC they just set the old buttons to invisible and used the index for IC, now all of those didn't work anymore. So now by default it SimpleIC doesn't care about visibilty but if you want to disable triggerPoints via visibility you can do that by adding this attribute. (see Examples XML)
  • added motorStartControl and animations
  • lightControl leverAnimations for all types added and synched
  • debugPrints removed
  • implementBalls synch Issue possible fix
  • lightControl addition (leverAnimations still to do)
  • some bugfixes for the recent additions
  • separated attacherControl into seperate lua
  • synchronized attacherControl with setJointMoveDown so its always in synch
  • fixed doNotSynch for ptoControl
  • added returnToCenter, returnToCenterRaised, returnToCenterLowered for attacherControl leverAnimation
  • separated ptoControl into seperate lua
  • synchronized ptoControl animation with turnOnVehicle so its always in synch
  • fixed version numbering mishap (yes this is not
  • added attacherControl
  • added ptoControl
  • made icFunctions more universally usable for future additions
  • icFunction can be "turned off" by setting visibility of triggerPoint to false
  • MP Server fix of vehicle not enterable
  • fix for line 102 error I think, couldn't reproduce but I found an issue with the table indexing and I think it worked fine for most mods but some may have caused the issue to show.
  • possibly fixed dedicated server issue
  • removed "cylinder" debug finally
  • addition of SimpleIC-ImplementBalls
  • fixed the issue introduced in the version before last version and partially fixed in the last version. Now fixed completely. I hope.. again.
  • fixed Issue introduced in the last version of indoor buttons only working when the ingame-menu is on, fully removed issue with double-mapping of mouseButtons I hope
  • fixed Error: simpleIC.lua:488: attempt to index field 'spec_motorized' (a nil value)
  • fixed Error: simpleIC.lua:318: attempt to call method 'getAttacherVehicle' (a nil value)
  • reachDistance can be set per vehicle (optional, default 1.8) to specify how far away a player can reach an IC-point
  • fixed spec insertion so simpleIC now works in every implement, trailer etc. not just drivables
  • fixed Error: simpleIC.lua:248: attempt to index local 'spec' (a nil value)
  • added cylinderAnimation for easy animation of struts on windows/doors etc.
  • fixed IC active on all vehicles bug (now only active if vehicle actually has IC functions)
  • fixed bug Error: Running LUA method 'update' simpleIC.lua:292: attempt to index a nil value
  • added default keymapping
  • multiplayer fix
  • added triggerPoint_ON and triggerPoint_OFF as alternative to toggle via triggerPoint

the most important thing:

How do I test this?

  1. download and add to modfolder
  2. download my Agrostar 6.61 Edit I released for christmas, it already has simpleIC added. (by now there are a lot of SimpleIC ready mods out there already so just find the next best one you like)
  3. go ingame and have fun :D

What this is:

This is a new take on the well known Interactive Control Scripts in Farming Simulator. Since there hasn't been a well-working bug-free version of the old scripts in FS19, and since I always didn't like the way the Mouse is used, I created this alternative.

  • This is a global script, which means that it doesn't have to be added to each Mod seperately, no additional modDesc.xml changes like l10n Texts etc. neccessary.
  • Obviously the vehicle-xml and i3d still has to be edited, the script can't magically seperate doors and add trigger-points. But as soon as the needed lines are added, IC will be active as long as you have this mod active.
  • this also means that people who don't like IC don't have to remove it all vehicle-mods, just not activate this mod.
  • this also means that there's only one IC version and not 50 different ones that get into conflict with each other
  • updates to IC are global and useable in all mods

Now for the bad parts

  • still Beta
  • still Bugs
  • not even close to the amount of features the original IC Script had in FS17. (But I'm working on that ;) )

How to add this to my Mod:

  • I will create videos explaining the process of adding simpleIC to your vehicle.

  • There is an examples.xml explaining all the current possible XML entrys and what they do. If you're not brandnew to modding this should be enough to get going :)

If you already know modding well, here's a short explanation: (look at the linked Deutz Agrostar above to see the full XML lines)

  • outsideInteractionTrigger = playerTrigger in which the player can open doors and other outside-stuff from the outside
  • animationName = name of the animation for the door
  • animationSpeed = speed of the animation (obvious)
  • shared animation = not added yet
  • soundVolumeIncreasePercentage = by how much will the sound-volume increase if that door is opened. Values will be added together for more than one door, max is outdoorSoundVolume
  • insideTrigger and outsideTrigger = "Triggerpoints" e.g. transformGroups that mark the spot where the IC component can be clicked
  • triggerPoint = index / i3dMapping name for the transformGroup
  • triggerPointSize = size/radius around the triggerPoint where it still registeres as being clicked


New Interactive Control Script for FS19






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