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FMI Library Release Notes

The release notes are typically a highlighting subset of all changes made. For full history, see resolved issues and commits.

Note that version 2.1 is the first version with release notes. Please see the commit history for older versions.



  • Added new functions fmi[1/2]_import_get_options for retrieving an options object.
  • Added new function fmi_import_set_option_loadlibrary_flag to allow customization of platform-dependent flags passed to dlopen/LoadLibraryEx when loading the FMU binary.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed memory leak from parsing Enums.
  • Fixed memory leaks in tests.


  • Updated fmi_import_get_fmi_version to also work on unpacked FMUs.
  • Bug fix: Fix compilation issue on OSX related to locale.


  • Bug fix: Fix segfault during parsing of FMI1


  • Bug fix: Fix build issues introduced in 2.2.1 for non-MSVC/Linux
  • Bug fix: Correctly parse doubles when locale is not using decimal point, now also for FMI1


  • Bug fix: Correctly parse doubles when locale is not using decimal point
  • Check variability != continuous for non-Real variables


Bug fixes

  • Added missing getters for attributes defined on a variable:
    • Real: quantity, relativeQuantity, unbound
    • Integer: quantity
    • Enumeration: quantity
  • fmi2_import_get_type_quantity now returns NULL for all types if 'quantity' is not specified (API documentation previously stated that an empty string would be returned for Real, Integer and Enumeration, but NULL was incorrectly returned - this means that only the API documentation is affected by this change)


  • Added functions to API for determining if DefaultExperiment values are defined in the XML (typically used to check if a default value will be returned by the getters for DefaultExperiment attributes)
  • Clarified that license is 3-Clause BSD
  • FMI Library moved to GitHub