MODE device SDK for Go
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MODE Device SDK for Go


This SDK is for anyone implementing MODE device drivers in the Go language. It is being released as a public Go package that provides a Go API for devices to interact with the MODE cloud.


You can install this package simply by doing:

$ go get

However, we strongly recommend you use Glide to manage your package dependencies. This package comes with its own glide.yaml file so that the secondary dependencies are taken care of. To use Glide to install this package, simply do:

$ glide get

Using the SDK

The default package name is mode. A trivial example:

package main

import (

func main() {
    dc := &mode.DeviceContext{
        DeviceID:  __DEVICE_ID__,
        AuthToken: "__DEVICE_TOKEN__",

    if d, err := dc.GetInfo(); err == nil {
        fmt.Printf("I am %v\n", d)

See more examples here.


See the full API documentation here.

Copyright and License

Code and documentation copyright 2017 Mode, Inc. Released under the MIT license.