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The Events Calendar

Welcome to the official git repository for The Events Calendar, a WordPress plugin developed by the team at Modern Tribe.

Please feel free to fork this repository and submit pull requests!

We do have some guidelines that you should keep in mind while working with this repository:

  1. We have an internal release cycle and review pull requests once per cycle. Unfortunately we can't guarantee a regular schedule for our review process, but please know that while it may take 1-2 months (at the most) before we review your request, we WILL review it.

  2. Please submit a detailed description with your pull request. If we can't figure out what you're submitting, then we may close your request.

  3. We do not accept or handle support issues or bug reports here. You may notice that we have disabled the Issues tab on this GitHub project. Please submit bug reports at If you have purchased any of our premium add-ons, you may create an account and submit support requests at our Premium Support Forums.

  4. Please fork master and submit your pull requests against that branch. This is the branch with the latest code we are working on. Pull requests will be re-targeted against the branch for the next appropriate release before merged.

  5. When developing apply define('SCRIPT_DEBUG', true) in your wp-config.php. This will load unminified versions of our js assets and give you some debugging information in your dev console.

  6. Make yourself familiar with the dev folder, its readme and run the appropriate Grunt tasks before committing. Js minification, css minification, debug code removal, linting and more should be performed as you develop. Its all done with the grunt tasks defined in the dev folder.

  7. Lastly: We don't recommend using the develop branch on production sites! You’re welcome to give it a shot, but it is totally unrecommended - and we cannot provide any support if things go wrong. You’re on your own if you run develop code on your site.

That's all! please have fun and code responsibly :)

Further Information