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WordPress is a popular content management system, used for websites and blogs. WordPress is written in PHP and MySQL and is designed to be flexible and user-friendly.

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dalu commented Mar 21, 2020

I'm probably missing something obvious, but neither the website nor this repo has any documentation.

Is this a markdown editor I can embed in my "classic" rendered (html rendered by server) websites?

Do I have to build my own version?
Can I use npm to import it?
Is there any documentation?

addedlovely commented Jan 28, 2020

Describe the bug
The label for address_2 has a duplication of '(optional)'.
It's in the field label, then also added in a <span> tag.

To Reproduce

  1. Goto
  2. Goto checkout.
  3. Disable the css on the .screen-reader-text CSS class - or view source to see the markup.

<img width="1392" alt="Screenshot 2020-01-28 at 17 31 03" src="https://user-im

gchtr commented Mar 1, 2020

Ticket: #1434

There are some limitations when getting posts from other pages in a multisite network. Specifically, when you fetch posts from other blogs, you’ll have to prepare the data in advance.

The linked issue has a very good example for this, that I’ve run into myself, too. I think we should document that in a new Multisite Guide.

There’s also some functionality in the [`Timber

LukaszJaro commented May 14, 2019


WordPress core recently added this to the navwalker:

Without adding these attributes google audit flags as a security risk, suggested change for class-wp-bootsrap-navwalker.php:

`//$atts['rel'] = ! empty( $item->xfn ) ? $item->xfn : '';

	if ( '_blank' === $item->target && empty( $item->xfn ) ) {
		$atts['rel'] = 'noopener 
mindgraffiti commented Apr 17, 2020

Ref. pauD4L-Bb-p2#comment-624

First check that it's possible to add the ability to select a site row in the My Sites table. (When the user reaches the login epilogue screen or the signup epilogue screen.) Then make the changes.

Tapping a row should dismiss the view and navigate the user to the selected site.

<img width="227" alt="Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 4 05 47 PM" src="https://user-ima

interludic commented Oct 31, 2018
  • Corcel Version: "jgrossi/corcel": "2.5.*",

  • Framework Name & Version: "laravel/framework": "5.5.*",

  • PHP Version: 7.1


Cant find model... for

// clean and simple all posts from a category
$cat = Category::slug('uncategorized')->posts->first();
$cat->posts->each(function($post) {
echo $post->post_title;

ronalfy commented Jun 1, 2019

Feature Request

Right now when you run npm run build, the code is obfuscated and doesn't work with WP CLI's makepot feature because the variables are overwritten to be something else.

Adding this to allows for the i18n strings to not be obfuscated so that a user can run WP CLI's makepot command and have the JavaScript strings added to their POT file.

yesunch commented Dec 10, 2019

Expected behavior

When writing the email in a wrong format error message appears. When rotating the screen the message should be preserved.

Actual behavior

When rotating the screen the message is not preserved.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Press Log In
  2. Enter Email address and press Next. An error message will be shown
  3. Rotate the screen. The message is not sho
mrrobot47 commented Feb 6, 2019

Currently, EE_PROXY_TYPE is a constant, which is the container id of the global nginx-proxy container. It is computed every time during the initialization of an command as it is present in the runner.

The command executed for it is time consuming and also required by only a handful of commands, hence it should not be in the runner. Instead it can be replaced by a utility function which comp

kmyram commented Feb 22, 2020

Feature description

Update and adapt the PM guidelines to match the current process for AMP Plugin.
The specifications are documented in <root>/contributing/ and don't apply for this project after the codebase was split.

Do not alter or remove anything below. The following sections will be managed by moderators only.

Acceptance criteria

Created by Matt Mullenweg, Mike Little

Released May 27, 2003

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