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This is the root of the Critical Mass Modula-3 Software Distribution.
It may be freely distributed as open source according to the various
copyrights under which different parts of the sources are placed.
Please read the COPYRIGHT-* files found in this directory.

To build everything, go to the `scripts` directory.
Before trying anything there, you need to download
a working compiler for your system;
you can obtain one by clicking on the `Releases` tab on the main Github page
and selecting one for your architecture.

The `README` in the `scripts` directory describes several options.
The `scripts` directory also contains a subdirectory of Python scripts
for those who prefer or need it.

The base system can be found in several packages in the collections
m3-sys and m3-libs. All the rest is more or less optional. Complete
documentation in HTML and other formats can be found in the doc