A manifesto on building modular interfaces.
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Modular Interfaces Manifesto

v1.2 – (Portuguese version here).

We are designers and developers.

We don't create comps for sites, applications and digital products. We don't deliver pixel perfect solutions.

We build modular systems: flexible and scalable interfaces, composed of reusable elements.

We seek ways to break the barriers between responsibilities on an interface project.

We stimulate creative autonomy for developers and continuous participation for designers during the entire project.

We promote collaboration between clients, developers, designers and users.

We want to foment and further the discussions on digital interface creation and development on the communities we participate.

We follow these principles:

"Ugly" first

Every project begins "ugly", because we believe that the initial conversations should be about content, navigation flows and structure – not visual details.

Gradual improvement

The project will be constantly evolving. Refinement will happen in agile cycles, prioritizing what generates the higher value. Expanding from smaller to bigger (mobile-first approach) and from the inside to the outside (content-first approach).

Look and feel over pixel perfection

Design guidelines will serve as foundation, guiding the path for development. Therefore, interface decisions should be taken based on the final output – code in the browser –, not the graphic design tool.


The interfaces will result from the combination of modular elements, built to maintain visual and functional consistency.

-- — If you believe that we can make our work less wasteful and more efficient, join us.

Ítalo Mendonça and Thiago Victorino.

ModularUI – Modular Digital Interfaces