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Tags, Categories, and More for MODX!

A robust and performant tag management system. Summary of the many, many features:

  1. Tested with up to a million tags
  2. Paginated drop-down and type-ahead for easy tag input
  3. Combo-box or tag-field input types
  4. Optionally remove unused tags from the database automatically
  5. Optionally restrict tag creation to the CMP, versus on input
  6. Optionally use Auto-Tag cloud for input

Display and list: all tags, tags from specified group(s), omit unused tags, Resources with a given tag, etc. Supplies getResources with a &where condition, so that all the templating and sorting abilities of getResources are at your fingertips.


Install via Package Management, or download the package from the MODX Extras repository

Basic Usage


This Snippet allows you to list tags for resource(s), group(s) and all tags


&resources Comma separated list of resources for which will be listed Tags

&groups Comma separated list of Tagger Groups for which will be listed Tags

&rowTpl Name of a chunk that will be used for each Tag. If no chunk is given, array with available placeholders will be rendered

&outTpl Name of a chunk that will be used for wrapping all tags. If no chunk is given, tags will be rendered without a wrapper

&separator String separator, that will be used for separating Tags

&target An ID of a resource that will be used for generating URI for a Tag. If no ID is given, current Resource ID will be used

&showUnused If set to 1, Tags that are not assigned to any Resource will be included to the output as well


[[+id]] => 1

[[+tag]] => News

[[+group]] => 3

[[+group_id]] => 3

[[+group_name]] => Media Type

[[+group_field_type]] => tagger-combo-tag

[[+group_allow_new]] => 0

[[+group_remove_unused]] => 0

[[+group_allow_blank]] => 1

[[+group_allow_type]] => 0

[[+group_show_autotag]] => 0

[[+group_show_for_templates]] => 21

[[+cnt]] => 1



[[TaggerGetTags? &showUnused=`1`]]

[[TaggerGetTags? &groups=`1,3` &rowTpl=`tag_links_tpl`]]


This snippet generate SQL Query that can be used in WHERE condition in getResources snippet


&tags Comma separated list of Tags for which will be generated a Resource query. By default Tags from GET param will be loaded

&groups Comma separated list of Tagger Groups. Only from those groups will Tags be allowed

&where Original getResources where property. If you used where property in your current getResources call, move it here


[[!getResources? &where=`[[!TaggerGetResourcesWhere? &tags=`Books,Vehicles` &where=`{"isfolder": 0}`]]`]]


Learn more about Tagger in the Official Documentation.


Tagger is GPL2. For the full copyright and license information, please view the license.txt file that was distributed with this source code, under /core/components/tagger/docs/.