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a command line based snake game written in C using ncurses
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Mogria's Snake

A simple snake game written in C using the ncurses library.

msnake Screenshot

Author: Mogria
Co-Author: Timo Furrer
License: MIT (see LICENSE)

Travis-CI build: Build Status

How to install

Cloning / Downloading

If you have git installed you can simply clone the repo using the following command.

$ git clone

The advantage of using git is you can update the downloaded code simply by entering:

$ git pull

If you don't have git installed you can download a zip-file of the repository and extract it.

Compiling (only Linux & Mac)

Change into the Git-Repository (or the folder where you extracted the zip file) and enter the following commands to compile the game:

$ mkdir build # you can name the build directory how you want
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make

After you've compiled the game you can execute the file bin/msnake to run the game.

Installing the Game to your System (only Linux & Mac)

To install this game to your system simply execute:

# make install

Note: You need root-privileges to install this to your system

The install script simply moves the file bin/msnake to /usr/bin/msnake. So, if your PATH is set correctly you can start the game using the command msnake


To compile the game, you'll need to have cmake installed. You'll also need the packages build-essential, libncurses5, libncurses5-dev if you are on a debian-based distro. If you are not a debian-based distro and you can't compile the game, look for similar packages in the repositories of your distribution. Execute the following command (with root privileges) to in install the packages on debian-based systems:

# apt-get install cmake build-essential libncurses5 libncurses5-dev

Mac OS X

To compile the game, you'll need to have cMake. To get cMake, go to and download and install the latest version. If the command cmake is a available in your Terminal you've installed cMake correctly.


You can download an old compiled win32 executeable in the download section. You can also compile the game at yourself. To do so, you need cMake and MinGW installed. You also need to install pdcurses using mingw-get. Then open the command line and enter the following commands:

> cmake -g "MinGW Makefiles" .
> make

How to create debian package of msnake

You can easily create a debian package of the msnake. If a binary does not exists the script will build one. The following command is to create the debian package:

$ ./

And with the following command you can install it (You need root-privileges):

# dpkg -i msnake.deb


To contribute to this awesome project, you can visit the repo on GitHub and fork it and create your own branch. You can pick a task from the TODO list below (or simply do something else). If you finished your work, create a pull request on GitHub and we'll probably merge your stuff to our repository.


This list contains stuff we want to implement or change.

  • add a scroll function to the highscore? or delete low entries?
  • A Settings Menu
  • More food with diffrent effects?
    • a fruit which changes the direction of the snake? (or a key?)
  • Better documentation of the source code
  • Optimize Code
    • The snake moves are inefficient, every part is moved, we should better move/copy the last part to the new position (this makes the game very slow if you have a long snake)
  • Improve color coding

Some ideas for the future

  • Make different difficulty mode with different speeds and amount of fruits. Also provide a "free"/"classic" mode which is the current game mode.
  • Make levels? and quests?
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