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require 'redmine'
# Patches to the Redmine core
require 'dispatcher'
Dispatcher.to_prepare :redmine_rate do
gem 'lockfile'
require_dependency 'sort_helper'
SortHelper.send(:include, RateSortHelperPatch)
require_dependency 'time_entry'
TimeEntry.send(:include, RateTimeEntryPatch)
require_dependency 'users_helper'
UsersHelper.send(:include, RateUsersHelperPatch) unless UsersHelper.included_modules.include?(RateUsersHelperPatch)
# Hooks
require 'rate_project_hook'
require 'rate_memberships_hook'
Redmine::Plugin.register :redmine_rate do
name 'Rate'
author 'Eric Davis'
url ''
author_url ''
description "The Rate plugin provides an API that can be used to find the rate for a Member of a Project at a specific date. It also stores historical rate data so calculations will remain correct in the future."
version '0.2.1'
requires_redmine :version_or_higher => '1.0.0'
# These settings are set automatically when caching
settings(:default => {
'last_caching_run' => nil
permission :view_rate, { }
menu :admin_menu, :rate_caches, { :controller => 'rate_caches', :action => 'index'}, :caption => :text_rate_caches_panel
require 'redmine_rate/hooks/timesheet_hook_helper'
require 'redmine_rate/hooks/plugin_timesheet_views_timesheets_time_entry_row_class_hook'
require 'redmine_rate/hooks/plugin_timesheet_views_timesheet_group_header_hook'
require 'redmine_rate/hooks/plugin_timesheet_views_timesheet_time_entry_hook'
require 'redmine_rate/hooks/plugin_timesheet_views_timesheet_time_entry_sum_hook'
require 'redmine_rate/hooks/plugin_timesheet_view_timesheets_report_header_tags_hook'
require 'redmine_rate/hooks/view_layouts_base_html_head_hook'
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