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Web-based 3D molecule editor and visualizer with molecular mechanics calculators.
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Chemozart - Chemistry is art!

Chemozart is a web-based 3d molecule editor and visualization platfrom. This application is available via No installation is required and it's accsessible anytime, anywhere which makes this application a proper option for students to draw and view a 3d molecular model. It also offers calculating the force field energy of a molecule with different molecular mechanics methods, thanks to openbabel-node which is basically a port of Open Babel into Node.js.

Chemozart Screencast

Where JavaScript comes to science!

Chemozart is fully written in JavaScript using angularjs, nodejs, express and three.js. A nice simple UI is also implemented in JADE/LESS. This is what makes chemozart different than other existing chemical applications.

How to cite

An article about Chemozart has been published on the Journal of Cheminformatics 2015, 7:56

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