Shinken based monitoring configuration
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Shinken based monitoring configuration

Shinken installation

For main server, see this document.

For remote site, see this document.

Shinken configuration

For configuration, see this document.

Shinken/Graphite configuration

For sending metrics to Carbon/Graphite, see this document.

To be discussed / improved

  • Monitor Shinken itself

    Shinken checks pack Second installation to monitor Shinken/Poller

    => To be estimated.

  • Monitor UPS, ... and "exotic" devices

    => To be estimated.

  • Use NRPE booster module

    Shinken has an NRPE booster module which improves the NRPE checks performances. It avoids launching a process each time a check is launched ...

    => To be estimated.

  • Shinken may use SSL connection between main applicaton and remote pollers

    SSL connections between Shinken (central) and Shinken (remote) ?

    => To be estimated.