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How to prepare for OSCP complete guide
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How to prepare for OSCP complete guide

How to prepare for OSCP complete guide

Below are 5 skills which you have to improve before registering for OSCP

Learn basic of Computer Network, Web application, and Linux Learn Bash and Python scripting Enumeration is key in OSCP lab, I repeat Enumeration is key in OSCP Lab and in real world too Download vulnerable VM machines from vulnhub Buffer Overflow (BOF) exploitation

Below are the free reference before registration of OSCP

Below are the reference for Buffer overflow and exploit developmet for OSCP

For Bash Scripting

Transferring Files from Linux to Windows & post-exploitation

Privilege Escalation:!privesc/windows/

Port redirection/tunneling

Practise Lab online & offline --- Most of this lab help you to understand different attack and (privilege escaltion very very important for OSCP ),133/,51/ (Buffer overflow vm),151/,48/,147/,144/,47/,96/

#OSCP Notes from OSCP training

Remote Administration




helpful notes, some tips and tricks for oscp exam



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