YAML parser that preserves comments and styling
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Build Status

YAML parser that preserves comments and styling

Live Demo


import YAWN from 'yawn-yaml';

let str = `
# my comment
value: 1 # the value is here!

let yawn = new YAWN(str);

yawn.json = {value: 2};

// value in `yawn.yaml` is now changed.
console.log(yawn.yaml); // =>
// # my comment
// value: 2 # the value is here!


Use npm or Bower to install "yawn-yaml" package

npm install --save yawn-yaml
bower install --save yawm-yaml

If you wish to depend to ES6 version use src/index.js file.


To install dependencies run:

npm install

To run the test run:

npm test

To run tests continuously and watch for changes install mocha and run:

mocha --compilers js:babel/register -w

To make a new build run:

npm run browserify