A Rails confirm replacement with SweetAlert
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A Rails confirm replacement with SweetAlert

depends on https://github.com/t4t5/sweetalert

So you need to Install: gem 'sweet-alert'

Or the latest with: gem 'rails-assets-sweetalert' # Using https://rails-assets.org/


Rails >= 3.1


Add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'sweet-alert'
gem 'sweet-alert-confirm'

Add the following to application.js:

//= require sweet-alert
//= require sweet-alert-confirm

Add the following to application.css:

 *= require sweet-alert

Custom options

You can pass options in data:

 data: {
  :'sweet-alert-confirm: 'Are you ready?'
  :'confirm-button-text' => 'Im ready',
  :'cancel-button-text' => 'No way',
  :'confirm-button-color' => '#66CD00',
  :'sweet-alert-type' => 'info',
  text: 'This is a subtitle',
  :'image-url' => '/pic.png'

Custom confirm

Default options that will be used application wide so it is not nessecary to set the option on each link. Put this object inside your app to override default options with sweetAlertConfirmConfig object.

var sweetAlertConfirmConfig = {
  title: 'Are you sure?',
  type: 'warning',
  showCancelButton: true,
  confirmButtonColor: '#DD6B55',
  confirmButtonText: 'Ok'

Before Callback

A callback that will be runned before alert is shown. Returning false will display the alert and true will not display it.



Fork the repo & pull request you fix/feature

append RAILS_VERSION=4.1.2 or whichever you target before your bundle command ex: RAILS_VERSION=4.1.2 bundle install

please add/modify test examples on fix or features