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Open source tools to support sustainable land use

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moja global’s mission is to support ambitious climate action by developing open-source software – including the FLINT – to help users accurately and affordably estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals from forestry, agriculture and other land uses (AFOLU).

About us

moja global is a not for profit, collaborative project that brings together a community of experts to develop open-source software that allows users to accurately and affordably estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals from the AFOLU sector. The project’s members aim to support the widest possible use of credible emissions estimation software.

What we do?

moja global is building a community of experts, scientists and developers to create the open-source source software for MRV systems for the land sector that is affordable, accurate and fully customizable to a user’s needs and available data, whether the user represents a country, a region, a local government, a company or a climate mitigation project.

Get involved

Moja global thrives on the energy and spirit of our community. We are lucky to have an engaged team of scientists, geospatial analysts, policymakers, technical writers, software and web developers contributing to our ambition of supporting equitable and evidence-based policy of land and ecosystem management.

Our goal is to make software for land-use planning, climate change mitigation and policy analysis. Our tools are available to all potential users, including governments, commercial entities, financial institutions, and intergovernmental bodies.

The participation and growth of our community are generously supported by mentorship programs such as Google Season of Code, Google Season of Documentation, Outreachy and the Linux Foundation Experience (LFX).

Contributing to the ecosystem

The open source community is the heart of moja global and helps us build tools to fight climate change. Learn more about our ecosystem at and through our projects:

  • FLINT: FLINT is a modular and highly flexible open-source software technology designed to estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals by the land sector.

  • FLINT-UI: FLINT-UI is a web-based user interface for FLINT for configuring simulations using the FLINT.Cloud APIs and run workflows on browser itself.

  • FLINT.Cloud: FLINT.Cloud is a cloud-based service for FLINT. It allows users to run simulations on the cloud and get results back along with simplifying the installation and configuration of FLINT.

  • FLINT.Example: FLINT.Example is a repository of example FLINT projects to help start building a project based on the FLINT framework.

  • GCBM.Chile.Data_Processing: GCBM.Chile.Data_Processing is a repository of pre-processing scripts for the GCBM implementation in Chile.

  • FLINT.Reporting: FLINT.Reporting is a reporting tool for FLINT to classify FLINT output results into standard reporting formats.

  • FLINT.JSON_Interface: FLINT.JSON_Interface is a JSON-based interface for FLINT to create and edit JSON files in an easy way.

How to get involved?

We accept contributions across all stages of the open source development life cycle. Here are some quick links to get you started:


As a developer you can use Github issues and discussions on the respective projects to report bugs, request features, and discuss changes. We recommend using issues to connect with maintainers, coaches and ambassadors. As a user, you can use the website to connect with us.

You can reach out to us through the following channels as well:

  • : Ask questions about moja global relevant to the members and management with a point of focus for new user countries and policy makers.
  • : Ask questions about contributing code, helping out with development, resolving issues and building new features with moja global teams.
  • : Ask questions about participating in the community, sponsoring programs, funding opportunity and community development.
  • Slack community: Connect with other developers, scientists, policy makers and other interested people over our Slack community.

We organize monthly Technical Steering Committee (TSC) meetings to discuss the progress of moja global and its ecosystem. TSC meetings are open to all members of the community. We also conduct working group meetups every two weeks to discuss a specific area of interest.

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