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[Legacy][MNBMODULE-32] OpenIDE-Module-Public-Packages must always be added to module manifest #3

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ebarboni commented Jun 17, 2015

Old fixed issue submitted by Jesse Glick
as linked in nbm-maven-plugin website I copy paste the discussion in this issue (source:

Jesse Glick initial comment (15/Jul/08):


for background. Whatever code in Maven creates NetBeans modules must be sure to always insert the OIDE-M-P-P attribute. The default should be "-" (i.e. do not export any packages) unless otherwise requested. Package wildcards ("something.*") are permitted but discouraged; explicit packages ("something.") preferred.

Milos Kleint added a comment (16/Jul/08)

Well, I'd like to have a reasonable default without the need to have additional configuration in place added by user (convention over configuration)

For that we could use "no public packages". That's fine for modules that just add some new functionality, but is really bad for modules that just wrap external libraries as netbeans modules (please note that this scenario is rather cumbersome in netbeans ant based projects)
The "something.* stuff requires you to have additiona configuration somewhere (manifest or elasewhere). The netbeans ant projects bypass the problem by additional tooling support which generates the entries.
So "empty" public packages value still seems to me like the best out of the box option that works for all cases without additional setup.

Please advise.

Jesse Glick added a comment (16/Jul/08)

Again: whatever the decision about the pom.xml format, the Maven plugin must never generate a module that is lacking the OIDE-M-P-P attribute.

I still recommend that an empty package list ("-") be the default unless otherwise specified. If there is a common need to create library wrappers which export all packages (which is also suspect - in many cases only certain packages should really be exported), this can be handled either by an archetype which does the setup similarly to a project wizard in the IDE; or by a one-line marker in pom.xml which requests all packages to be exported.

was fixed in the commit:

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Corner case with netbeans ant patch-for-maven
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