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A Catalyst & DBIx::Class powered Wiki.
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root introduced prism.js syntax highlighter Apr 25, 2017
script spelling fixes Jan 13, 2018
t Unbreak unicode.t with newer Catalyst versions Sep 6, 2015
.gitignore ignore unknown catalyst_par_script function Dec 15, 2014
Changes Prepare release May 13, 2017
INSTALL INSTALL: correct case & give perldoc instructions Sep 27, 2009
MANIFEST.SKIP Do not include MYMETA. Closes #152 May 13, 2017
Makefile.PL Apparently unicode plugin breaks unicode in recent catalysts May 13, 2017 Added Gitter badge Feb 24, 2015
app.psgi Applied patch to use PSGI Engine, closes #123 Oct 25, 2014
mojomojo.conf sane config for testing with SQLite Dec 17, 2014

MojoMojo -- A Catalyst & DBIx::Class powered Wiki

Join the chat at

Build Status

Website located at

Installation: See lib/MojoMojo/Installation.pod

After Installation: Run script/ to test the application.

License: This is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as perl itself.

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