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Scott's Website Theme

It's pretty simple stuff - under 1,000 lines of original code. See it in action.

To install it - just move this folder to the wp-content/themes folder inside of WordPress. Then visit and select this theme. You'll probably also want to edit header.php and add some of your own files for photos and what not.

Project Management

Uses a custom content type (Projects) to track projects. Projects should have a thumbnail and can contain galleries and other stuff like youtube videos.

Projects are pretty cool they:

  • Be displayed on the front page and will use CSS animation for hover / opening effects
  • Will rewrite the url using history.pushState so the open browser is at the projet's current url. Will rewrite it back to / when the project is closed.
  • Any /project/ links will open using the homepage's HTML and will 'open' to that project. Homepage will work as normal.
  • If Google Analytics is active - will count these as page views. If Google Analytics isn't there - will just fail silently.

Check out functions.php and /stuff/site.js for more details.

Better Galleries

I think the default galleries kind of suck - so on project page it rewrites them so there's a main image and clicking the thumbnails replace the main image. On small screens this doens't work as well - so it will just display larger thumbnails and clicking on them just opens the image in a new tab.

All of this is in /stuff/site.js


Styles are all stored in LESS, uses javascript compilation by default but will switch to style.css if you change config.json. You'll need to compile your LESS styles into CSS first.

Color changes are really easy - just change the colors in stuff/vars.less.

Also uses a few LESS libraries like 960 LESS and LESS Elements.


Scott's WordPress theme - very simple way to display projects in a grid with some css animations



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