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🖥️ A Sublime Text 3 Plugin for Carbon. (
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Getting Started

Carbon Sublime (or Carbon via Package Control) is a Sublime Text 3 Plugin for Carbon.


Install Carbon via Package Control.


Command Palette

You can use the command Carbon: share selection from the command palette (ctrl/cmd + shift + p) to open Carbon.


This package doesn't provide a default keymap. If you need to, add a keymap setting like the following to your Sublime keymap file:

{"keys": ["f3"], "command": "carbon_sublime"}

Then go into your file, select a region, and press the bound key.


You can open the configuration file via the menu:

Preferences > Package Settings > carbonSublime > Settings. It defaults to:

  "background-color": "rgba(12, 108, 189, 1)",
  "theme": "seti",
  "font-family": "Hack",
  "font-size": "16px",
  "drop-shadow": "true",
  "window-controls": "true",
  "width-adjustment": "true",
  "padding-vertical": "48px",
  "padding-horizontal": "32px",
  "line-numbers": "true",
  "language_mapping": {},
  "trim_indent": true
  • language_mapping: (dict) An extra setting which maps syntaxes to Carbon languages. The default (fallback) setting is written as LANGUAGE_MAPPING in
  • trim_indent: (bool) If set to true, indents are trimmed when a selection is made.
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