Vim plugin that changes the color of the statusbar of the focused window according with the current mode (normal/insert/replace)
Latest commit a1c1f56 Jan 20, 2012 @molok Support for %{} items outside %! function
I thought %{} items were evaluated only when returned by the %!
function, but this is not the case, so now if deep evaluation is enabled
the plugin evaluates the %{} items, e.g.:
set statusline=%f\ %{fugitive#statusline()}

you can highlight '(master)' (it's a pretty dumb example, but whatever) with
let g:smartusline_deep_eval = 1
let g:smartusline_string_to_highlight = '(master)'
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doc New "deep evaluation" option Jan 11, 2012


SmartusLine is Vim plugin that changes the color of the statusline of the focused window according with the current mode (normal/insert/replace)

it looks like this:


by default it highlights the filename on your statusline only, you can change that:

let g:smartusline_string_to_highlight = '(%n) %f '

this is what you see in the picture.

You can also change the default colors of the highlight, the name are self-explanatory, the defaults are:

let g:smartusline_hi_replace = 'guibg=#e454ba guifg=black ctermbg=magenta ctermfg=black'
let g:smartusline_hi_insert = 'guibg=orange guifg=black ctermbg=58 ctermfg=black'
let g:smartusline_hi_virtual_replace = 'guibg=#e454ba guifg=black ctermbg=magenta ctermfg=black'
let g:smartusline_hi_normal = 'guibg=#95e454 guifg=black ctermbg=lightgreen ctermfg=black'

note: you probably want to set the statusline to never hide, like this:

set laststatus=2

other requirements are:

set nocompatible
syntax on

also the statusline option can't be empty, if you want to use the default statusline you should set it explicitly in your vimrc, it should be something like this:

  set statusline=%<%f\ %h%m%r%=%-14.(%l,%c%V%)\ %P

For a more complete documentation, read the help file (:help smartusline)