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Xcode plugin, Re-Intent, make you write code more quickly.
Use a portion code of VVDocumenter-Xcode.

##Overview You can use shortcut key Shift+Command+\ to auto re-indent all source of the current edit file.

You can custom other replacer with regex.
regex replace
regex replace

You can input common getter quickly.
replace getter

##How to install? Download this project and run.

##Regex replacer

replace getter
This item means that plugin will replace @s/ to @property (nonatomic, strong) <#custom#>.

The plugin will detect the content of current input line.

Some placeholders can be replace with context.

  • <datetime>: current datetime, you can use it to mark your edit time.
  • <declare_class_below>: the class name of the first @interface XXX : below.
  • <{0}>,<{1}>...: these placeholders will be replaced with its corresponding position of regex result.

A demo for pseudo-generic(


It uses two styles of placeholders:


regex: ^\s*@[Pp]{2}$
replaceContent: @protocol <declare_class_below>;

<{0}>,<{1}>(location placeholders):

regex: ^\s*@property\s*\(\s*nonatomic\s*(,\s*strong\s*|)\)\s*(NSArray|NSMutableArray|NSSet|NSMutableSet)\s*<\s*(\w+)\s*>$
replaceContent: @property (nonatomic<{0}>) <{1}><<{2}> *><<{2}>> *<#name#>

regex: ^\s*@property\s*\(\s*nonatomic\s*(,\s*strong\s*|)\)\s*(NSDictionary|NSMutableDictionary)\s*<\s*(\w+)\s*>$
replaceContent: @property (nonatomic<{0}>) <{1}><NSString *,<{2}> *><<{2}>> *<#name#>


Just can be quickly re-intent.

If you find that press Shift+Command+\ does nothing.
Please ensure that the shortcut key setting of Re-Intent is default. re-intent shortcut key setting

##Getter replacer

In fact, this feature can be implemented with location placeholders. But I am not willing to delete the old feature.

You need add your own common syntax to the getter replacer.
replace getter

<name> means the property name.
<#xxx#> means where need to input in,it is recommended to provide.


- (UIImageView *)<name>
    if (!_<name>) {
		UIImageView *imageView = [[UIImageView alloc]init];
        imageView.image = [UIImage imageNamed:@"<#imageName#>"];
        imageView.contentMode = UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFill;

        _<name> = imageView;
    return _<name>;

You must reload .plist file with shortcut control+option+command+\ after editing and saving it.
You can also reload it with the Reload .plist Data button in MLAutoReplace window.

How to use:

- (UIImageView *)xxx///

Dont forget /// please. :)


Xcode plugin which help you write code faster.



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