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Fix for moment not working under browserify #25

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Steve Mason Tim Wood
Steve Mason

Small fix to the NodeJS detection to make the module work when run client-side using browserify.

I think the way underscore does its client/server-side check best, but didn't want to make that big a change.

Tim Wood

Sorry, I'm not super familiar with browserify. I'll read up on it today, but maybe you know the answer to the question.

Will this have to change the way Moment.js loads languages?

Currently, Moment.js require()s language files relative to the moment.js source based on keys passed in. Will browserify be able to handle this, or does it require a bigger fix?

Steve Mason

Hi Tim,

At the moment browserify generates a warning when it sees the language require's and I think it does nothing about it - I'm not worried because I'm not using that functionality.

It should be safe to ignore the warning - browserify people can always load the languages manually (if I understand the code). Maybe browserify has a way of letting you tell it about these modules, but I'm not sure.

Tim Wood timrwood merged commit ef1d150 into from October 18, 2011
Tim Wood timrwood closed this October 18, 2011
Tim Wood

Ok, sounds good. If people need browserify and moment.lang, they will have to require the lang files manually using browserify.

Tim Wood

This is up on npm.

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Oct 18, 2011
Steve Mason Fix for moment not working under browserify, because "window" is defi…
…ned here
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  1. 2  moment.js
2  moment.js
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
10 10
     var moment,
11 11
         round = Math.round,
12 12
         languages = {},
-        isNode = (typeof window === 'undefined' && typeof module !== 'undefined'),
+        isNode = (typeof module !== 'undefined'),
14 14
         paramsToParse = 'months|monthsShort|weekdays|weekdaysShort|relativeTime|ordinal'.split('|'),
15 15
16 16
         shortcuts = 'Month|Date|Hours|Minutes|Seconds'.split('|');

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