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VimTouch is a open source VIM port on Android. It supports full vim syntax and finger touch gestures to help VIM much more usable with touch screens.


  • Touch to move cursor
  • Fling to scroll
  • Swipe to zoom
  • Quick buttons
  • Unicode and multi-byte
  • Read email attachments
  • Single instance to open multiple files in vim windows
  • Real VIM runtime
  • Customizable VIM runtime (ex: can install syntax, doc, plugins)
  • Sliding File chooser
  • Backup/Restore your VIM runtime
  • Command History GUI by long press quick buttons





How to compile the source code?

Before starting, you need the following prerequisites:

Get the source code:

git clone git:// && cd vimtouch

Now prepare the development environment:

ANDROID_SDK_HOME=~/path/to/android/sdk && ./

You're ready to compile it!

ant debug

(Note: the build script uses some magic to discover NDK and call ndk-build. Since magic is prone to failures, your build might fail with complaints about Android NDK. If that happens, make sure you export ANDROID_NDK_ROOT environment variable or read the run script to discover what heuristics it uses to deduce your NDK location.)

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