OpenResty-based API Gateway for Monarch
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Monarch OpenResty-based API Gateway

Works in tandem with the API Manager to authenticate and authorize requests before proxying them to the appropriate backend service.

Simply overlay the following files into your OpenResty installation directory (e.g. /usr/local/openresty).

  • lualib/monarch.lua - The main gateway script that handles calling the Monarch API Manager to verify the incoming request.
  • lualib/resty/hmac.lua - A contributed script that adds HMAC support.
  • lualib/net/url.lua - A contributed script that parses URLs.
  • nginx/conf/nginx.conf - The API gateway Nginx configuration.

Next, you will need to edit nginx.conf to configure the following values:

  • Host and Environment ID - Under location = /monarch_auth and location = /monarch_traffic you will need to update the Host and X-Environment-Id headers. The Monarch environment ID can be accessed in the admin console by clicking the gear icon next to your user name in the upper right-hand corner. Likewise, the upstream monarch_backend needs to have the correct host and port.
  • Provider Key and Shared Secret - You will need to create a new Provider in the admin console (e.g. name = gateway, permissions = Authenticate API requests) and change the set $provider_key "XXXX"; in nginx.conf to have the correct provider API key and shared secret you created for this provider.

Refer to the location / for how to enable the communication with Monarch. You can find documentation on configuring Nginx on their wiki.