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Load all simple-icons brands directly to drawio.


Inside a drawio project, go to File -> Open library from -> URL and paste the next URL:

⚠️ Note that could take a few seconds to load.

You can also start a new project in with the simple-icons library loaded using this link:

Individual icons can be located using the shapes search tool:

Custom builds

Better library load times can be achieved customizing your build for a subset of icons.

  1. Clone the repository, move inside it and install dependencies:
git clone ssh://
cd simple-icons-drawio
npm install
  1. Redirect the output of the ./build.js script to a new XML file:
./build.js > simple-icons.xml

Use the next optional environment variables to filter the icons to include:

  • SI_DRAWIO_SLUGS_FILTER: Comma separated string of slugs to include in the build. See all slugs.
  • SI_DRAWIO_ALPHABET_FILTER: Comma separated string of letters of the alphabet. All the slugs starting with one of these letters will be included.

For example, next command will include the brands Deno, and Node.js:

SI_DRAWIO_SLUGS_FILTER=diagramsdotnet,simpleicons,deno,nodedotjs SI_DRAWIO_ALPHABET_FILTER=n,d ./build.js > simple-icons-subset.xml
  1. Inside a drawio project, go to File -> Open library from -> Device and select the created file.