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Monero Library

A Monero library written in PHP by the Monero Integrations team.

How It Works

This library has 3 main parts:

  1. A Monero daemon JSON RPC API wrapper, daemonRPC.php
  2. A Monero wallet (monero-wallet-rpc) JSON RPC API wrapper, walletRPC.php
  3. A Monero/Cryptonote toolbox, cryptonote.php, with both lower level functions used in Monero related cryptography and higher level methods for things like generating Monero private/public keys.

In addition to these features, there are other lower-level libraries included for portability, eg. an ed25519 library, a SHA3 library, etc.




Documentation can be found in the /docs folder.



  • Monero daemon (monerod)
  • Webserver with PHP, for example XMPP, Apache, or NGINX
    • cURL PHP extension for JSON RPC API(s)
    • GMP PHP extension for about 100x faster calculations (as opposed to BCMath)

Debian (or Ubuntu) are recommended.

Getting Started

  1. Start the Monero daemon (monerod) on testnet.
monerod --testnet --detach
  1. Start the Monero wallet RPC interface (monero-wallet-rpc) on testnet.
monero-wallet-rpc --testnet --rpc-bind-port 28083 --disable-rpc-login --wallet-dir /path/to/wallet/directory
  1. Edit example.php with your the IP address of monerod and monero-wallet-rpc (use and, respectively, for testnet.)

  2. Serve example.php with your webserver (eg. XMPP, Apache/Apache2, NGINX, etc.) and navigate to it. If everything has been set up correctly, information from your Monero daemon and wallet will be displayed.