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Social Data Reference Architecture - This Repository is NOT a supported MongoDB product
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Social Data Reference Architecture

A very popular MongoDB use case is the implementation of a social data status feed. While the type of data and the way in which feeds are aggregated and delivered to users varies widely, the fundamentals of these systems are relatively simple and decompose to a basic set of services.

Socialite is a reference architecture that can be used to cover a wide range of social network use cases. The three basic goals of this reference architecture are :

  1. Provide a production capable reusable framework for social data management including user graph, flexible content types and feed aggregation and delivery.
  2. Demonstrate best practices for social data modelling, indexing and querying in MongoDB for implementing user graphs, content stores and feed caches.
  3. Demonstrate how a flexible service architecture can be coupled with MongoDB sharding to create a scalable platform for social data.

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