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RocksDB Storage Engine Module for MongoDB

Important: Last stable version of MongoRocks is 3.4. MongoRocks 3.6 and later should compile, but are not yet ready to be used in production.


Execute this series of commands to compile MongoDB with RocksDB storage engine:

# install compression libraries (zlib, bzip2, snappy):
sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev; sudo apt-get install libbz2-dev; sudo apt-get install libsnappy-dev
# get rocksdb
git clone
# compile rocksdb
cd rocksdb; USE_RTTI=1 CFLAGS=-fPIC make static_lib; sudo INSTALL_PATH=/usr make install; cd ..
# get mongo
git clone
# get mongorocks
git clone
# add rocksdb module to mongo
mkdir -p mongo/src/mongo/db/modules/
ln -sf ~/mongo-rocks mongo/src/mongo/db/modules/rocks
# compile mongo
cd mongo; scons

Start mongod using the --storageEngine=rocksdb option.

More information

To use this module, it has to be linked from mongo/src/mongo/db/modules. The build system will automatically recognize it. In the mongo repository directory do the following:

mkdir -p src/mongo/db/modules/
ln -sf ~/mongo-rocks src/mongo/db/modules/rocks

To build you will need to first install the RocksDB library, see at for more information. If you install in non-standard locations, you may need to set CPPPATH and LIBPATH environment variables:

CPPPATH=/myrocksdb/include LIBPATH=/myrocksdb/lib scons

Reach out

If you have any issues with MongoRocks, feel free to reach out to our Google Group!forum/mongo-rocks