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MongoDB storage integration layer for the Rocks storage engine

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RocksDB Storage Engine Module for MongoDB

Stable Versions/Branches

  • v3.2
  • v3.4
  • v4.0.3
  • v4.2.5

How to build


More information

To use this module, it has to be linked from mongo/src/mongo/db/modules. The build system will automatically recognize it. In the mongo repository directory do the following:

mkdir -p src/mongo/db/modules/
ln -sf ~/mongo-rocks src/mongo/db/modules/rocks

To build you will need to first install the RocksDB library, see at for more information. If you install in non-standard locations, you may need to set CPPPATH and LIBPATH environment variables:

CPPPATH=/myrocksdb/include LIBPATH=/myrocksdb/lib scons

Reach out

If you have any issues with MongoRocks, leave an issue on github's issue board.