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package dependency
// State provides a consistent set of values for
// DependencyManager implementations to use to report their state, and
// provide Queues and Jobs with a common set of terms to describe the
// state of a task's dependencies
type State int
//go:generate stringer -type=State
const (
// Ready indicates that a task is safe to execute from the
// perspective of the Dependency Manager.
Ready State = iota
// Passed indicates that there is no work to be done for this
// dependency.
// Blocked tasks are waiting for their dependencies to be
// resolved.
// Unresolved states are for cyclic dependencies or cases
// where tasks depend on resources that cannot be built.
// IsValidState checks states and ensures that a state is valid.
func IsValidState(s State) bool {
if s >= 0 && s <= 3 {
return true
return false