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Code Conventions

Code style should fall in line with the style guide outlined by Github


Bug fixes and new features should always have the appropriate specs, and the specs should follow the following guidelines:

  • Prefer let and let! over the use of instance variables and subject.
  • Prefer expect(...).to eq(...) syntax over...should eq(...)`.
  • Use shared examples to reduce duplication.
  • Use describe "#method" for instance method specs.
  • Use describe ".method" for class method specs.
  • Use context blocks to set up conditions.
  • Always provide descriptive specifications via it.

Specs can be automatically run with Guard, via bundle exec guard

Before commiting, run rake to ensure all specs pass with both pure Ruby and the native extensions.

Git Etiquette

Please follow the commit message guidelines as outlined in this blog post.

If the commit fixes a bug, please add the JIRA number on the last line:

[ close RUBY-492 ]

Please ensure that only one feature/bug fix is in each pull request, and that it is squashed into a single commit.