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Mongoose IoT Door Sensor


An IoT Door Sensor for any room you wish to monitor! Connect to AWS IoT or your favorite MQTT service to send real-time alerts anytime a sensitive door is opened, such as your office, your childs room, your front door, a safe... or get more creative!

Monitor access to your Little Free Library, your mail box, or maybe your sock drawer to find a thief in the act! This is a simple project with a million applications!

Project Design

This app assumes a door sensor and 2 LEDs attached to your board. When the door sensor is "open" a message is sent via MQTT and a Green LED lights up. When the door is "closed" a message is sent via MQTT and a Red LED lights up.

The project was built with:

Attach the Red LED and resistor to GPIO Pin 16, and the Green LED on 17.

To attach the MC-38, connect one wire from the sensor to GPIO Pin 5 and the other wire to Ground (it doesn't matter which wire is which).

See a video of it in action on YouTube

How to install this app

  • Install and start mos tool
  • Switch to the Project page, find and import this app, build and flash it: