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@djaiss djaiss released this 02 Jan 14:46

This version requires to run migrations (php artisan migrate).

The first release of 2018 is a big release. The migrations might take a while if you had a lot of activities in your account. A lot of the new screens use VueJS now, which will make the user experience better in the long run.


  • The Journal tab has been redesigned. It now contains your journal entries, but also all the activities you might have done with friends in the past, ordered chronologically.
  • You can now rate a day and indicate if the day was great, ok or bad. In the future, we'll use this to provide some yearly and monthly statistics.


  • We now have the ability to change user's password in the Settings page (#696) (thanks to asbiin).
  • You can now indicate the pets of your contact. We support most categories of pets (#722).
  • Installation instructions on Vagrant has been added (#711) (thanks to dp87).
  • You can now indicate the db_prefix in your .env file if your database needs it (#720) (thanks to turtles2).
  • The application now has a Webmanifest, which will help mobile phones to add the application as a bookmark (#726).


  • We now display external avatars when searching someone (#714) (thanks to Bran Turner).
  • We check if an email already exists for another user when changing email address of the user account (#706) (thanks to Bran Turner).
  • Change wording of the Update button when updating a debt (#727) (thanks to turtles2.


  • Fix volume permissions on startup on Docker (#712) (thanks to mgolisch).
  • Fix timezone not being able to be changed (#736) (thanks to JakariaBlaine).