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Bindings to Gnome's KeyRing APIs
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README for gnome-keyring-sharp

gnome-keyring-sharp is a fully managed implementation of libgnome-keyring.

When the gnome-keyring-daemon is running, you can use this to retrive/store
confidential information such as passwords, notes or network services user

* Directory Layout

		Monodoc documentation for the library

		Sample programs using the library

		Source files for the library

D-Bus integration

When the NDesk.DBus library and C# 2.0 build environment is detected,
gnome-keyring-sharp will be built with D-Bus support.

In this mode of operation, D-Bus is used to determine the socket address
of the keyring daemon, which can be more reliable than taking the value
provided in an environment variable (which is still done as a fallback if
D-Bus is not running).

This optional dependency can be found at
and is widely packaged by distributions.


Support is available via the Mono mailing list:

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