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Latest commit 270c098 May 22, 2011 @bl8 bl8 build: Use variables from PKG_CHECK_MODULES instead of -pkg
The -pkg compiler option doesn't follow the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment
variable, causing errors in some build environment, like bockbuild or
possibly jhbuild. Use the variables set by the various PKG_CHECK_MODULES
calls instead.


gtk-sharp-beans binds some API from Gtk+ that isn't in Gtk# 2.12.x
but is needed for full GIO and other misc support.  It exists as a stop-gap
measure until Gtk# 3.0 is released with more complete bindings of recent API.

It is not installed in the GAC because we are not ready to commit to API
stability.  Please follow

for how to use this library in your application.


* Gtk# 2.12
* gio-sharp (
* GAPI 2.12