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JSCall is a simple JavaScript bridge for Gecko#. It's an interim solution 
until someone writes a proper XPCOM bridge for Mono, and uses unmanaged code 
and P/Invoke to invoke Gecko's XPCOM components from managed code. It should 
work with any .NET language, but I've referred to C# for simplicity. I don't 
expect many people to use this, so the documentation is little more than 
minimal; please contact me <m.j.hutchinson@gmail.com> if you need help 
working out how it works.

For installation instruction please read the INSTALL file.

There are currently two communication mechanisms:

Requires loading JSCall.js in the document. Functions can 
be registered on the JS side and then called from the C# side, and vice 
versa. Return values are handle asynchonously as callbacks.
CLR -> Gecko calls are made by injecting children into a 'jscall' node in the 
DOM, while Gecko -> CLR calls are made via document's window title.

JS evaluation:
Scripts can be passed into the browser from managed code, and executed in the 
page context. This can also be used to load JSCall.js and other scripts when 
setting up the message-passing scheme in pages that cannot be modified 
directly, e.g. internet sites

On the CLR side of things, create an instance of 
AspNetEdit.JSGlue.CommandManager by passing the Gecko# control to its 
constructor. This object has the following methods:

	RegisterJSHandler(string name, ClrCall handler)
		Register a ClrCall delegate as the handler when JS calls the named 
		'name' function.
	UnregisterJSHandler(string name)
		Unregister the 'name' function.
	JSCall(string function, string returnTo, string[] args)
		Call the 'function' JS function, with 'returnTo' as the callback for 
		any return value. Arguments as a string array.
	JSEval (string script)
		Executes the JS that is passed in. Does not require JSGlue.js, so can 
		be used to load it.

On the JS side, load the JSGlue.js file into your document and call 
JSGlueInit(). You then have the following functions available, mirroring the 
C# functions but a bit more "javascripty".

	JSGluePlaceClrCall(fn, returnTo, args)
		Call the 'fn' C# function, with 'returnTo' as the callback for any return value. Arguments as a string array.
	JSGlueRegisterClrHandler(n, fn)
		Register a the 'fn' function as the handler when C# calls the named 'n' function.
		Unregister the 'name' function.

A list of contributors can be found in the AUTHORS file. If you are
interested  in contributing to JSCall, please contact Michael Hutchinson 
<m.j.hutchinson@gmail.com>. I am prepared to accept any generally useful 
Gecko#-interfacing code.

Release Notes
Alpha 0.0.2:
	Split from AspNetEdit ASP.NET graphical designer. See 
	http://svn.myrealbox.com/viewcvs/trunk/aspeditor/src/jscall/ for previous 
	release information.