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StoppingMode and waiting Tracker Announce #7

radioman opened this Issue · 2 comments

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if (manager.TrackerManager.CurrentTracker != null)
handle.AddHandle(manager.TrackerManager.Announce(TorrentEvent.Stopped), "Announcing");

it holds sometimes forever, is it really necessary and what if i disable it?


Was this ever resolved? Some specific torrents have this trouble for me and I've noticed that what ultimately stops it from ever going into the Stopped state is in Client.Tracker.UdpTracker.cs: line 38. The if statement checks the boolean amConnecting and it never announces to the tracker. I am not sure why it's only happening for the same torrents each time, and this is all on the same tracker with very similar files so I find it very peculiar. If I bypass this line it works smoothly -- so what purpose does it serve?


This has been fixed. We only announce to the tracker when stopping a torrent if a previous announce was successful.

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