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Source of - Create countdowns to events, without friction.


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schedule-an-event is a simple tool designed to allow creators to schedule events for their platforms, wwithout any friction. Popular tools, such as time and date require you to do things such as putting in your location just for a timezone. This is a minor inconvenience. Thus, I made schedule an event just for this purpose!


Scheduling an event should not be a complicated thing. Neither should the process or tooling for it be complicated. The goals of this project is to have the service be minimally in the way of the user, and that it should be extremely simple. Child-like-ishly simple, even. Here are some requirements:

  • The site should put scheduling an event, and viewing when an event will happen at the forefront of everything. Nothing takes higher priority than what the visitor is using the site for.
  • Keep the page for scheduled events light. Under 5KiB, before gzipping. There's no good reason it should be large.
  • The page for scheduling events shouldn't be too large either. No set requirements, but just keep it down.


Contributions are welcome! If you don't know what to work on, maybe try your hand at the things in the milestones?

To test your contribution, first make sure to clone the repository and set the working directory to inside of the repository.

git clone ""
cd schedule-an-event

Next, choose which tooling you'd rather use.

Cargo & NPM

If you already have rust & npm installed, this is the much preferred path because the code that will be running can be compiled with cargo. If you don't have rust installed, you can get it here. If you don't have NPM installed, you can get it here (NPM is bundled with Node).

# first, make sure you have parcel installed (for rust to execute npm run build)
npm install -g parcel-bundler

# test your code ( will handle building the npm project)
cargo +nightly run


If you don't have rust installed, you can simply test your code by building the dockerfile and running it. The initial compile will be extremely slow, but future builds should be comparatively faster.

# build the docker file
docker build --tag scheduleanevent:dev .

# run it on localhost:8080
docker run --name scheduleanevent-dev -p 8080:80 scheduleanevent:dev

If you're having trouble running the docker container with Docker Toolbox, this may be helpful: docker/for-win#204 (comment)

If you're using the exact commands as above, set the host port to 5280 or something not in use, and the guest port to 8080 (because 8080:80 maps the container port 80 to the host port 8080, where the host is really a the VM, and then you map port 8080 on the VM to port 5280 on the host)


Donations happily accepted! You can give me your money on Patreon if you'd like to.


Source of - Create countdowns to events, without friction.








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