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Hum -- The low calorie music manager
1) If you're a user, what are you doing with the source? Someone should have
packaged this for your distribution. If you're some sort of masochist,
though, then you should probably consult the INSTALL file for more
information on configuring and installing Hum (don't worry, it's not that
hard... I was just teasing you). Before installing, make sure you've got the
GTK, Tracker and GStreamer libraries installed.
2) If you encounter any bugs whilst using Hum, please file a ticket on Hum's
project site ( In fact, file a ticket
for any and every trivial little thing you can think of. The more
suggestions I get from you, the user, the more polished Hum can be.
3) If you want to help develop Hum, post a patch to the project site and ask
to be included as a developer. I'm not picky. Seriously... look at how bad
my code is already. Read the "Developers" entry below for more on this
exciting prospect.
4) Rock on!
1) Packaging information should be in the INSTALL file. You know how to do this
better than I ever could. This is a pretty vanilla application and the only
dependencies to speak of are listed above.
2) If I've done something horrendously wrong with regard to standard packaging
procedure, please let me know and I'll rectify things ASAP. It's not
intentional, I'm just ignorant.
3) Rock on!
1) Don't feel left out because I left you for last... I still love you. I would
love your contributions even more, however. Even if you're as terrible a
programmer as myself, Hum could still use your documentation/testing/drawing
2) Check out the TODO file for a list of outstanding major issues. If one or
more of them seem right up your alley, well then don't let me stand in your
way! Once you've satisfactorily killed a bug or implemented a feature, just
post a patch and, if (when) it's included (and/or you're accepted as a main
developer), remove the appropriate line from the TODO file.
3) If TODO files aren't your style (they are so 1976), then try triaging a bug
or 12 at the project site. This is the preferred method of development
because it's easier to share the load and keep track of contributions.
4) When submitting a patch or committing a change to the repository, please
include an appropriate log message. This makes it easier for everybody to
keep track of what changes have been made, by whom and how. And, more
importantly, it makes it easier for me to give you the credit you deserve.
For a great reference on how to write friendly log messages, check out the
official [Subversion log message rules](
5) Rock on!