makes writing applications for Monomes easy.
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libmonome v1.2:

    libmonome is a library for easy interaction with monome devices. It
    currently runs on Linux (on which it is primarily developed), OpenBSD, and
    Darwin/OS X.

    It was developed to make monome devices easy to use with programming
    languages like C and Python, and adding wrappers for use in your favorite
    language with a suitable FFI is straightforward.

    libmonome has support for 40h and series devices through a unified API,
    and by default includes a third backend which wraps around the OSC
    protocol and presents the same API as a physical device. This means that a
    program written using libmonome can, at runtime, decide whether to
    communicate with a running monomeserial instance over OSC or whether to
    access the physical device directly.

    build like:

        $ ./waf configure
        $ ./waf
        $ sudo ./waf install

    libmonome was written by william light (visinin on the monome forums).
    You can contact him at <>.